We need some of this…

Posted By: The Rickster  Posted On: Sep 14th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

This was a snowstorm (by our standards lol) that happened in February of 2010. I figured I’d throw this up to give us all something to smile about. Got some photos you wanna share? Post’em! 

  1. Grandin says:

    Dude that just made my day! And watch out for the pbrooks dude he will steal your pictures and try to say there his and whine about it till he gets his way from FA. so logo stamp your pics Ricky! I will start doing that when i have another picture to share..

  2. pearlss says:

    How did you post the pics? And please dont tell me about the tree, cause I dont have one!

  3. Ennaedwyn says:


    Oh to play in such snow with my kids and hubby!

  4. The Rickster says:

    Thanks for the heads up Grandin. This is the first photos I have posted in a long time. 

    And Pearlss….sadly…I used the tree to post up. It shows up right above the box I typed this in.  

  5. snowboi1 says:

    I wish it would snlow down here in South Carolina and at least last a day or 2 after it stops.Melts too fast last few times.

  6. snowlover says:

    Wow!  Absolutely beautiful.  So magical…..I love it.  I wish I could post pictures also.  Grandin how do you stamp em?  It’s hard enough to post a picture!  Thanks for sharing your photo Rickster!  Hope we all get to post more of these with a 2012 & 2013 date on it :).

  7. trish0220 says:

    Boston, Ma needs some snow this year. Last year we had about an inch that actually stuck.

    It was the most depressing winter last year. I love the snow. Missed it last year and I am hoping for alot this year.

    Thanks for the picture makes me want snow now!

    Hopefully Boston will have some snow to share this year.     

  8. Grandin says:

    I hope Boston,New Jersey,NYC,Rhode Island gets alot of snow this year! I know Northwest Indiana and Chicago will get it. But them 4 other places get it just as bad cause me and my company are contracted in them area for snow removal. Daddy needs a new pair of windshield blades on his trucks. And momma needs a new purse, and my kid needs a new car! Oh god my son is driving this year how kids grow up so fast..

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