Winter ready

Posted By: DJONYX  Posted On: Sep 24th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I am ready for the snow  bring it on . I live in Newburgh New York and we get some bad snow storms                                           

  1. Leafpeeper says:

    I quite agree, Djonyx! Everyone on this weather forum has high expectations for cooler weather. Too effing hot a summer for too long a stretch has us admiring our mittens even before the first frost hits!

  2. Leafpeeper says: has a “magic number” which is =an average number that is indicative of a colder than average winter for some areas and warmer for others. Here is the link if you are interested. :D

  3. snowangel78 says:

    me too! I live just south of Buffalo NY and so ready for cold, snow and some MAJOR storms.

  4. snowboi1 says:

    Wish they were right about nov. and dec. in South Carolina.Its been a loooong time since Nov. was much cold here.Now lets get tons of cold in jan. and feb. and ill be happy.

  5. DJONYX says:

    Thanks guys I’m only 11 and my uncle and I have a bet on when the fist snow is

  6. The Rickster says:

    Nothing like seeing the younger generation as enthusiastic about snow as we are! :D

  7. Leafpeeper says:

    Very nice to have the younger crowd present! Djonyx, do you have a weather station of your own set up yet? They are not hard to make. My pre-teenage niece has one on their balcony that she built with help from her dad. I’m giving her a rain gauge for christmas this year to go with it!

  8. DJONYX says:

    No leafpeeper but i have all the supplies for one and i dont have a balcony

  9. DJONYX says:

    But I have my great grandfaters Barometer sorry i didnt put that in my last replie my mom just told me about it

  10. The Rickster says:

    Everyone has to start somewhere. I have a wireless weather station. I have everything (majorly needed anyway) except for a rain gauge. Wait I just noticed my wind vein is dead….it needs batteries. Lol. 

  11. Leafpeeper says:

    Djonyx, how cool is that that you have your grandfather’s barometer! It’s nice you’ve got all of the supplies already. Can anyone here suggest the best place to set up a weather station not on balcony or rooftop? My rain gauge sits on a post, FYI, but I have one in the garden, too. I know you can put a wind-sock atop a fence. Other advice?

  12. DJONYX says:

    Thanks leafpeeper but i doubt my dad wll let me bulid one on my back porch because thats where we put my dog Onyx at night then we bring him in when it’s like 9:00 at night my dog is a newfoundlin dog i think thats how you spell it he’s about 135 to 140 pounds and he’s 1yr and 9months old we got him when he was about 8 weeks old on feb 26 2011 that first nigt he was with us he got to be in his first snow storm.Any way do you think if I should build a shelf on my shed and put every thing on that shelf do you think if we get high wind’s every thing will blow away  

  13. DJONYX says:

    I just got done building my home made wind vane and rain/snow gauge 😃 

  14. Grandin says:

    I been ready since last year for winter! Bring it on :D

  15. Leafpeeper says:

    Woohoo, you did that fast! Will you post pics of the windvane in action?–and we’d love to read your findings to be posted with it, of course. I sure hope you get to use that rain and snow gauge soon! May it indictate a snow day in your near future. :D 

  16. Leafpeeper says:

    Your dog sounds like a beauty, Djonyx, I love big dogs as opposed to wee ankle biters. Well, yeah, you’d have to check with your Dad, and no, I’m not certain if the wind would carry it off or not. Perhaps there is a way to secure it firmly, like they do with weathervanes atop houses? I’m not a builder or a meteorologist, so any input here from some of you pros or amatures on the forum would help here. Thanks!

  17. DJONYX says:

    Maybe I could hot gle every thing except the ran/snow gauge and put it in a small cup and glue the cup

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