vs Farmers Almanac.

Posted By: snowangel78  Posted On: Sep 25th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Okay I’ve read both Farmers Almanac and’s outlook and I am gonna believe Farmer’s Almanac of’s. First because Farmer’s Almanac has been doing weather outlooks long before there was all this computer stuff. Dont get me wrong I love the computer stuff but I think some of it is just aloud of bs. I do believe the Northeast will get a good old fashion winter. Anyway. Second I think is conterdicting with what the Farmer’s Almanac said the other day when they were on the weather channel. Okay thats my 2 cents on this topic. Hope everyone has a great day. And pray that the Northeast gets a below average Cold winter and way above average SNOW. I do hope every state does get some snow since the water levels are most likely low with all the hot weather without rain.

  1. glennkoks says:

    Well both were wrong last year when they failed to predict the “year without a winter”

  2. snowangel78 says:

    Last winter was just a screwy winter that probably no one predicted right.

  3. The Rickster says:

    Last winter is a cuss word in my book.

  4. snowangel78 says:

    @rickster yep it is. I think Jack Frost and the Snowman took a vacation. Hopefully they are all rested up to give the northeast the winter it needs. SNOW and COLD

  5. sapporo1 says:

    Well, there are alot of crazy things going on out there, AMO warmer than normal, yet a Negative PDO, dying El Nino, yet an atmosphere that rejected the El Nino to begin with, high pressure ridging and troughing followed by flattening of the jet stream, it seems like there are going to be alot of tug-of-war bouts between opposing anomalies this winter, again, I would call the weather channel’s forecast only partially credible, as there are just too many variables out there right now to truly say that only one will be dominant this winter, it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

  6. Leafpeeper says:

    Science of weather is welcome from both sources, of course, but my grandparents were farmers in Michigan years back. Gran always held that a really hot summer meant a really cold winter was sure to follow like mice to grain. Old farmers have thier superstitions sure, my grandpa read the Almanac back then, too, and I have no experience as a meteorlogis amature or otherwise, but gran and grandpa sure could peg the weather dead on. I’m choosing to believe their superstition that says since we’ve been baking, a super cold winter for all of the cooked regions is comin’ for us.

  7. snowangel78 says:

    Leafpeeper, Thats a pretty awesome story. Thanks for that.

  8. Grandin says:

    Cheers on the great story leafpeeper. And Glen is correct all of us even the weather guru’s were wrong last year. And if has there way we all will be wrong again. BUT i don’t see that happen least not around here. i’m seeing too many signs of a severe winter. Plus i lost a ton of money last winter cause of the drought. And i lost some money this summer to cause of the drought. So i hope and pray all of us gets alot of snow and cold this year. I’m hearing threw the weather peeps i know in the army and some in chicago. That the real cold and big time snows are gonna be more west now and not so much on the eastcoast. That’s the talk right now in the weather world. But we will see how all this pan’s out when it happens. And after Dec. 21st it wont matter much or so i hear. I think all that is jive and there will be a dec. 22nd..

  9. Leafpeeper says:

    Has anyone expored Weather Underground? They’re named after that radical leftist group, but devoted to weather rather than rebelling. Two nights past it felt quite a bit cooler in the wee a.m. hours. I checked with quoted 70 degrees. Nope that didn’t feel right. Checked with Accuweather: quoted 70 degrees also, but to my skin, always alert for the smallest nudge toward cold it felt cooler, dangit. So, I compared notes with a few smaller, more local stations; guess what 62 degrees. I knew I wasn’t crazy…okay maybe I’m crazy but I can sniff that cool loveliness the second it’s in the air! A couple of hours later both Accuweather and changed theirs to 62 degrees. Maybe they are just slower to update than Weather Underground and the local blokes?

  10. amy n says:

    I have heard that weather underground is one of the most reliable sources. I don’t think they do extended forecasts, though, do they? Where are you located, leafpeeper?
    Dan, I like the way you think! But just in case, on Dec. 20, I am going to pig out on junk food ;) 

  11. Leafpeeper says:

    I think you’re right Amy N., both about them being pretty accurate and not doing supercasts. They do, however have a ten day outlook and an Almanac function. I split time between Berkeley, CA, and about 20 minutes from Julian, CA in San Diego’s East County. Raised as a military brat: East Coast, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest have all been home. I miss the extreme temps very much. You?

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