Some Fall Images from Maine

Posted By: tarheelsrule44  Posted On: Sep 26th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I’m spending this fall and winter in Maine and so far I’m loving it!  I’m staying on a small Island with my sister and her husband, working on a lobster boat.  It’s very awesome!  We didn’t go out today so I decided to go for a walk and take some photos now that the leaves are starting to change.   Back home in Virginia I seem to recall the leaves not looking like this until around Halloween, or maybe later.  The island is a little north of the middle of the Maine coast,  slightly closer to Canada than New Hampshire.  It’s been chilly with highs in the low 60′s and lows in the upper 30′s, sometimes mid 30′s at night.  The result:  changing leaves!  It seems like they are changing rather rapidly.  Every day I think I notice a difference.  We’ve already had our first frost and probably not too far from our first freeze.  Though, on the island we tend to stay a few degrees warmer than the mainland.  Anyway, enough chatting here are the pictures!  (if they’ll work)

Apologies for the not-so-good quality.  These were taken with my 3 year old iPhone.  Might invest in a better camera due to how beautiful it is up here.

  1. SmokeyMcBong says:

    cool pics

    what island are you on? just currious because i spent a couple of years on Grand Manan island.  its in the bay of fundy.  we were just as close to Maine as we were to Canada

  2. The Rickster says:

    I heard that Maine is very pretty. I think the photos confirm that. Lol. Great shots. 

  3. Leafpeeper says:

    Diggin both the fall leaves and the buildings…very picturesqu spot to vacation! That sounds interesting working on a lobster boat. Plse post pics when you are able, sounds like good work and good eating after!

  4. Grandin says:

    good fall pictures! And yes Maine is very beautiful Rick.. My leaves are just starting to pop. I’ll have pictures up real soon..

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    Nice pictures… starting to see a lot of color around here. Next week our peak foliage season starts, and we’re right on track. I’ll try to get some pictures next week and post them.
    Should have first freeze sometime next month, and first snow the month after. First accumulating snow I think will be right around Thanksgiving (last year was right before Halloween, but that is not common!)

  6. Leos_kitten says:

    Love fall foliage! Some leaves starting to change here in OK. but it could be due to the drought…..

  7. pearlss says:

    Leaves starting to change here in NC too. Noticed yesterday that trees which were green around Thursday are starting to change their colors. Have a couple of trees now that are this beautiful red/orange and many are starting to come up in color. Been rainy and windy and there are some trees that are thinning out now.

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