Winter signs questions

Posted By: Lilyssa  Posted On: Oct 5th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Alright, so everyone is saying that it’s gonna be a “mild” winter here in Kansas City, Missouri. However, what gets me is the fact that there is various things in nature that are saying different. Acorns on trees are more on some than I have seen in a while, the silly squirrels are bustling about quickly. I’ve seen three woolly worm caterpillars, two fully black, the other black at the front, small narrow brown band. Then there is the persimmons seeds which I’ve opened up a few and they are mostly spoons..last time I saw that we had “Snowmagedon” as people nicknamed it on Facebook and at school. Last year we had what looked like forks and we did have a mild winter. Our dogs coat and cats coats are very thick, thicker than last year, and we noticed the tree in the front of the house and around the area are full of berries. So my question is this. With all my friends and family saying “they feel the chill of winter upon us.” or “It’s going to be a bad winter.” To the point that they have started preparing for harsh storms.. And the weather channel, noaa and a few other places saying it won’t be a bad winter. What do you all think? Think that there is a high chance of a harsh winter here? I sure know we were all thrown for a loop when the meteorologists around here started saying it was going to get into the 30′s at night, and our first freeze is going to happen this weekend. So, thoughts? Sorry for the rambling by the way!

  1. snowangel78 says:

    I really think the “weather people” know what is really gonna happen.

  2. The Rickster says:

    With those signs your seeing, that sounds like a good winter is in store for y’all. Its about the same here in South Carolina honestly. Squirrels have been going nuts…spider webs have been fairly large for the last few months. Some of them have been fairly high up as well. Already seen geese going south. In the end, we’ll see. Trying to the predict the weather is basically impossible though, at least in my opinion. However…I sorta trust mother nature before I trust John Doe on the local news when it comes to weather. Before there were 7 day forecasts and the like…there was mother nature after all.¬†

  3. KatD-Mo. says:

    Missouri weather has always been a guess.¬†¬† They only know 7 days out, even then its some times wrong!¬† Its Missouri!¬† I live in central Mo. and I haven’t seen one wooly worm.¬† not one.
    I have seen a boat load of spider webs… the durn things have moved in the house!¬† nothing like vacuming the floors then the ceilings. :(

    It cooled down from the summer heat pretty¬†quick, I’m ok with that (its a job thing).¬†¬†I’m hoping¬†fall/winter hold off just a tiny bit longer, for one more cutting of hay.¬† after that, I’m begging for snow.

    from all of the forcast maps I’ve seen, central Mo. is where 3 different sections mild, normal or colder meet up.¬† same with the snow.¬† that seems to be the norm¬†any way.¬†¬†¬†¬†As long as Canada and the states north west of us share some of those winter storms we’ll be back to normal!¬†¬†¬†

    As far as my guess, we’ll have a cold sort of snowy winter.¬† not a record setter, but enough to keep us plow drivers in a decent paycheck.¬†¬†

  4. spellbound says:

    Last year we had signs of nature that pointed to a good winter and we had a snow drought… guess Mother Natures joke.. this years the signs are here agin but some signs I haven’t seen in years, like a soild black wolly worm.¬† Who knows what is in store, I just hope for a nasty, cold, snowy winter.¬†

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