First Freeze for some?

Posted By: Delstein  Posted On: Oct 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Looks like many areas are under frost advisories or freeze watches/warnings in the Ohio Valley tonight, among other places. TWC saying 31 for tonight here, what about you?

  1. snowangel78 says:

    39 for me but will probably be lower than that.

  2. KatD-Mo. says:

    we woke up to a nice frost.  If I had to go to work early… I’d been scratching the windsheild of the car!  this is a bit early for us in central Missouri, but its better than the 110 this summer.

  3. The Rickster says:

    Low of 54 for me tonight. Rawr. 

  4. buddy17474 says:

    The high today was 56. Supposed to be 43 tonight, so same as last night. No frost – yet.

  5. Lilyssa says:

    Woke up to it being in the 20′s here in Kansas City, MO. First frost was a couple of days ago too. I agree with Kat, I’d rather it be this than 110. lol

  6. Delstein says:

    We had some unconfirmed reports of SNOW this morning in counties to the east. Obviously, it didn’t amount to anything, but still. It was refreshingly chilly this morning, with the temperature about 30 or 31. Winter is coming!

  7. TheMaineMan says:

    Expecting my first freeze on Friday morning. This is the only chance for a freeze in the 10 day forecast, so if we miss it we’re looking at mid-late October at least.

  8. Jessica D. says:

    We were under a freeze watch/warning here in Winchester, Virginia. It was definately cold enough for frost/freeze!

  9. TheMaineMan says:

    First freeze on Saturday morning, October 13. Temperature was 26 degrees. High was 48 degrees.

  10. 02mxzx136 says:

    Lowest ive seen here was 26.northern Wisconsin has see temps around 15-16 degrees already

  11. TheMaineMan says:

    Had a second freeze the other day, 29 degrees.
    No more freezes in the 10 day forecast though, as temps go on the mild side.

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