NOW it’s Fall!

Posted By: pearlss  Posted On: Oct 8th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

As I sit here typing this, the temp is 48 degrees and THAT’s the high for the day. It’s going down from there for the rest of the day. Unfortunately it’s very raw feeling since it’s rainy as well. They are talking high 30′s for the low’s tonight. So excited.

Even got busy this morning and made some Pumpkin Spice Bread with a cream cheese icing. Yum, yum! House smells sooooo good right now. Might make some stew for tonight with biscuits for when hubby gets home. Oh yea, cold/cooler weather seems to make me think of food. LOL

  1. snowlover says:

    Me too Pearlss!  I’ve already made my mouth-watering chicken & dumplings.  Or in my case dumplings and chicken :).  Now I hear that the temperatures are going back up :(.  Oh well, guess it’s time to get ready to get ready!  Even  the raw feeling of today is welcomed after the summer most of us had.  I welcome Autumn & Winter.

  2. The Rickster says:

    Our high only got to 57 today. The projected high was the low 60′s..and we didn’t come close. The low tonight is supposed to be 45. I got my boots on and a long sleeve shirt. I love it!! But it isn’t going to last long. High are going to be back in the low 80′s by Friday. 

  3. pearlss says:

    Yea Rickster, we’re predicted to be back in the low 70′s for the rest of the week (except for today which is suppose to be 59). But we have turned the corner. Our nights are now predicted to pretty much stay in the 40′s and 50′s from here on out.

    Oh BTW, the pumpkin spice bread with cream cheese topping came out dealicious. LOL

  4. The Rickster says:

    Glad to hear the bread is coming out great :D. But yeah, same here. Lows are anywhere from the 50′s…to lower 60′s from here on out. Its 54 as we speak, and about 67 in the house. It was a little cool for me this morning. 

  5. snowlover says:

    I sure would love to have that recipe.  Not sure if I like pumpkin; would I be able to use sweet potato?  @ Rickster, I’m glad that you and everyone else got their cooler temps.  Although it’s a tease for most of us.  Here in Virginia the temps should be in the low 70s for our high on Friday, mid 70s for Sat and Sunday!!!!! 

  6. buddy17474 says:

    Had a low of 39 this morning! But, the other northern corner of the state of MS was even colder. Corinth, MS had a low of 35, which tied with the record low temperature for that date in 1978. Tonight will be warmer, but Wednesday night will go back well into the 40′s before the next warm-up which could bring temperatures into the lower 80′s this weekend.

  7. TheMaineMan says:

    It hasn’t really been too far below average here… highs in the upper 50s and lows in the lower 40s. Friday morning could be our first freeze (30 degrees forecast) but nothing too out of the ordinary.
    The house is cool today with the rain/lack of sun. Down to around 60 inside. Will probably go into the 50s tonight inside the house with no interference. Time to put a sweatshirt on… I refuse to turn the heat on in early October!

  8. Leafpeeper says:

    Yes, Virginia it’s autumn, indeed! We’re heading out to Williamsburg, Virgina with some leafpeeping just past Richmond! Sooo excited to see the leaves changing on the webcams and read the cool temps out East! Can’t wait to see the color change in person. Wish us cool-sunshine days and clear crisp nights for our journey! Wish I had some of Pearlss pumpkin bread with cream cheese for the 6:30 a.m. flight on Friday! Pearlss, do you have an inclination to share your delicious recipe for all of us fall and fall flavor lovers?

  9. pearlss says:

    Ok, my secret for the Pumpkin Spice bread is………………in a box! LOL I get mine from World Market, it’s Sof’ella. Pillsbury just isn’t as good. But I do use the canned cream cheese icing. Just warm up the pieces and it’s beyond fantastic!

  10. snowlover says:

    Leafpeeper welcome to Virginia!  While you’re in Williamsburg you must try Captain George’s Seafood.  Everything is fresh and delicious.  Make sure you go with an appitite though.  Well, our trees are starting to change; they’re not at their peak yet.  You’re in luck the weather will be perfect!!!  Cooler nights and mild days with lots of sun.  I sure wish you could come to the Folk Festival here in downtown Richmond before you go.  It’s all weekend long.  Lots of various live music, dancing and good food right beside the river!  Enjoy yourself! I sound like a travel agent :) 

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