How to Build a Wood Shed?

Posted By: MichaelWilson  Posted On: Oct 13th, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Hello Friends,

A wood shed is a necessity if you want a wood-burning fire during the cold months. A wood shed provides shelter and storage for cut wood so that it can be ready to burn when you needed. Please share simple plans and structure how to buld a wood shed.

Thanks and Regards
Michael Wilson

  1. Adalberto Cheung says:

    Hello Community,

    General instructions for building Wood Shed:
    1.  Let’s choose the perfect place!
    2.  Attached or Freestanding?
    3.  Some calculating
    4.  Sketching
    5.  Mark the floor parameters
    6.  Frame the walls
    7.  Install the door
    8.  Enclose your shed
    9.  Making the roof
    10.  You’re done!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Adalberto Cheung

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