Cant Wait for the snow to fly!

Posted By: ukfan8812  Posted On: Oct 17th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

So I recently just moved back to Greenup County Kentucky from Colorado Springs to start nursing school. Fall is in full force here in Greenbo Lake State Resort Park. The trees are pretty much in peak color or slightly past and we have acorn and pine cone galore here! Ive seen SO many squirrels this year and alot of them have big bushy tails!  We had our first freeze here a few days ago, I believe it got down to about 28 degrees here. Here is a link to our state weather blog

  1. fhutchens says:

    The euro model is showing extreme cold over Canada in the next 10 days with a huge blocking high in Alaska with a deep dip in the jet across the central US . That jet will slowly move east because of the block in the pattern. The gfs ensemble shows cold air taking over the country early November

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