Finally got some persimmons!

Posted By: The Rickster  Posted On: Oct 21st, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Alrighty so I finally got some persimmons! Some property some family bought had a tree on it, so I went over and got some. Here are seven seeds. I see 5 spoons, 1 knife, and 1 fork. I have more to be cut open. Photos will come of those. 


  1. Grandin says:

    But the weather channel says it will be warmer there and prolly wont snow just rain ricky. Cause the weather channel is allways right heh. Noaa and the weather channel forecast looks just alike. Cuase basiclly weather channelis copying noaa so they dont have to forecast. noaa/accuweather/weather channel/etc are all jokes. persimmon seeds are a true weather predict. they come straight from nature..

  2. snowboi1 says:

    Weather Channel is a load of crock probably.They dont even have the weather on that channel much anymore.

  3. The Rickster says:

    That they do. Lol. Thanks for all the kind words y’all, I really appreciate it. Has anyone checked out the Photobucket link, that contains the rest of my findings??

  4. trw says:

    I have seen the rest of the pics, and I would say the mild side of things has the white flag a’ wavin….  get ready for some snow!!!!

  5. The Rickster says:

    Hopefully so :DD. I forgot who..but someone on here reminded me that last year’s horrible winter started out like that to some extent. Things got cold fast and then next thing you know…nothing happened. No cold. Not even any sleet around here…and probably everywhere else. I hope that doesn’t happy this year..

  6. Msroberts29 says:

    OK so I went out by Rend Lake here in Southern Illinois and got me some fruits which make a really tasty fall cake BTW and cut open a bunch of seeds. Mostly they look like spoons to me?

  7. Msroberts29 says:

    Ok my 3rd attempt at sharing picture and I don’t know how to delete my previous blank post. Funny how I can build a computer,repair them, and do everything but operate one hahaha

  8. The Rickster says:

    I tried to check out your photo Ms. Roberts but all it did was take me to Photobucket’s home page. I too have had issues with blank spaces and posts where a picture is supposed to show.

  9. Msroberts29 says:

    I wanted to share the picture and while I was logged in it showed in the post but now I see I have multiple posts with no picture LOL I can say they were mostly spoons similar to the pic The Rickster posted.

  10. The Rickster says:

    Gotcha Msroberts. I’ve had that happen numoris times as well. I dunno what is done wrong to make that happen though. 

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