The Perfect Storm?

Posted By: ukfan8812  Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012  Filed Under: Weather  Could this actually happen? Wow talk about a storm!

  1. tornadoes2 says:

    i cant wait for big storm around here in the great lakes.

  2. fhutchens says:

    We will have to wait and see , but the models have been predicting this for a week straight

  3. ukfan8812 says:

    Im keeping a close eye on it..I mean its a once in a 100 years storm..its still so far out too

  4. The Rickster says:

    Seen a post of Facebook by a meteorologist who posted about this. Don’t take this the wrong way anyone..but whats the big deal about this storm system that might be developing? 

  5. ukfan8812 says:

    If this tropical storm can develop and come up the east coast and get caught up with a Low pressure system developing next week, the storm could be historic! Huge storm surge in big cities, flooding and of course backside heavy snow!

  6. The Rickster says:

    Ohh gotcha. That would be wild to see. 

  7. ukfan8812 says:

    That it would, but heck were still so far out and im sure the models will change 100 times lol

  8. buddy17474 says:

    Even though I was wasn’t living here at the time, it snowed in the Memphis area on Halloween 1993 (also the 3rd earlliest snowfall on record), but I think it will be too warm to snow this time around, so good luck to the Northerners!

  9. trw says:

    This storm would certainly be welcome in the great lakes, so I guess we will just have wait and see…

  10. snowlover says:

    I do know that our local Meterologist is calling for Monday & Tuesday to be Windy!  Wow, didn’t know all that was a possibility!  Interesting!

  11. spellbound says:

    I am praying now, please God let it verify…………

  12. snowlover says:

    I am keeping my eyes on this.  Where is our pros when we need them?  FatherFrost? WJP?  Grandon? Somebody gots some splaining to do?

  13. fhutchens says:

    The models are all agreeing as of right now and if they continue to do so then..where i live at we would be crushed by cementlike snow..right here in the high ground of the appalachians. The the and euro and canadian all agree on what the western half of sandy will do. The western half will break off and form a nor’Easter in to the blocking im greenland and the tilting trough. Talk about a storm for the record books!

  14. spellbound says:

    Still praying it will verify…….

  15. snowlover says:

    Thanks Fhutchens, I can’t read models, and our locat Mets are too cautious.  I understand that they don’t want to get folks too excited; but geeze I need to get prepared.  I’m not expecting snow; I’m concerned about power outages.  Us getting snow this early in the year will surely be “The Perfect Storm” :)

  16. spellbound says:

    Our locals are sying just cold rain if anything, only possible mountain snow.   Figures.  :(   .

  17. hollyr87 says:

    fhutchens where about are you located?  

    central pa here, hoping for some snow

  18. fhutchens says:

    In southern wv, the euro has an intense hurricane making landfall south of new jersey. The wrap around effect would drag cold air in from canada resulting in a deep heavy wet snow. The kind that snaps power lines probably. This could be true. The models are coming into agreement that there will be a big storm in the northeast, but they haven’t made up their minds on where.

  19. ukfan8812 says:

    Ive been keeping a close eye for updates on that link I posted. He usually updates it about twice a day and probably should have a new one posted in an hour or so. I think its just exciting to see something like this develop!

  20. snowlover says:

    I think so too ukfa8812.  With all the modern technology out there; it’s about time that we put it to good use.  I’m here in the mid-atlantic and trust me folks are beginning to take this seriously.  I don’t think we’ll see any snow out of this, however the power outages will be devastating!  Plus some Mets are calling for up to 12 inches of rain!!!  We still have leaves on the trees, can you imagine all the lines that’ll go down?  Richmond hasn’t had a frost yet.  To think we MIGHT have snow before we have frost :)  It’s been in the 80s here all week thus far, what a shock it’ll be to have a sudden drop in temperatures like that.  That’s why so many folks around here have bad colds.  Heck I had one two weeks ago that’s trying to come back.  Cool mornings, hot afternoons.   I think that Mother Nature want to get our minds off of all those negative ads on tv and to put our focus on her :)

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