It’s coming.

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

The perfect strom part 2 in the making? With this huge cold front coming through where i live right now. and hurricane sandy coming up the eastcoast . on sunday or monday peeps from NYC to Boston better keep an eyes out..  It was 77 degrees outside today with really gusty winds some clocked at 52 knots. Now it is raining and the temps are at a cool 49 degrees and still windy. all this is coming to the eastcoast and then some gonna be a noreaster. ill include you all in my prayers before bed time..



  1. spellbound says:

    Too funny Rickster!!  I wish we would got pounded with snow.  But I’m sure this will be the first of the disappointing possible snow events this year. 

  2. The Rickster says:

    Yeah it is pretty funny. Found it floating around Facebook. Lol. And anything is possible Spellbound. Sandy is right off the coast of SC as we speak. All we’re getting is wind right now. Haven’t seen any rain. At least yet anyway.  

  3. ShawnM says:

    Will Jim Cantore be in the mountain region so he will be in the snowstorm? Maybe it will thundersnow for him again! :)

  4. ShawnM says:

    I mean there has got to be atleast some instability with a strong cold front and a hurricane!

  5. Grandin says:

    Jim Cantore is cool as heck. I met him in Chicago when the Feb. 1st blizzard hit in 2011. i got a picture and autograph from him. And i love how he acts when it thunder snows over him. He is like a kid in a candy store in snow storms..

  6. TheMaineMan says:

    Haven’t heard anything about snow up here… just wind and rain. Worst is supposed to be Monday night into Tuesday morning.

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