Boston Bound

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Oct 28th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Starting tonight me and 30 of my crew will be leaven to Boston, MA we will be there sunday night to help with tree removal and other landscaping projects after hurricane sandy leaves. If you see a fleet of Carelli tree removal and landscaping F-250 black trucks with dark tinted windows thats me and my company. wave if u see me ill tug my horn.. And to make this weather were i live it’s been windy for days now but the winds as of tonight have relaxed big time. Now it’s just cold like 30′s at night 40′s in the day. sunshine sometimes clouds. Typical fall day and night here..



  1. amy n says:

    Too bad you are not coming to CT- I would have waved!
    Be safe- we are all prepped here, just enjoying the last bit of having electricity ;)
    For the rest of you in the path of Sandy, stay safe! 

  2. rainsticks says:

    Dan you should stop in New Jersey– We’ll need you the most!

  3. glennkoks says:

    Dan, I hope you get things cleaned up in time to get back home for the Texans vs Chicago game in two weeks.  I am going to be at the game!  If you are still going to be there let me know and I will buy you a cold beverage of you’re choice!!!! 

  4. Grandin says:

    Thanks for the love and were all doing things very carefully here in Boston. Lots of trees down and power lines and tons of flooding. I dont no how long we will be here but there’s lots to do still. And my wife says FEMA has been blowing up my 24 hour call center basiclly saying after were done in Boston me and my crew will be going to Rhode Island/New York State/New Jersey/And some of Maryland.. Look for us and wave and me and my fleet will tug our horns. I was textin my son and he says Hurricane Sandy’s winds and rains have made it to Northwest Indiana and Chicago. 20 foot + waves on lake michigan right now. And winds exceed over 60 knots and all the leaves that were in my yard are now gone cause of the wind. Johnny got lucky cause i was gonna make em rake this weekend for his mom while im gone. And rainsticks when im in jersey ill be in the riverside and atlantic city area if u see us wave us down.. And glen i hope to god ill be back in time for the texans vs bears game i really wanna go to that game and hell ya bro ill match you u buy me a drink ill buy u a drink. I should be a good game both teams are 6-1..

  5. Mom3kidz says:

    Dan I live in MD, thanks to you are your crew and I pray you have traveling mercy for helping those in need!  God Bless you all.   It is really bad all over and NY was hit not only by Sandy, but fires too.
    Safe travels!!!! 

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