First Winter Forecast Outlook 2012-2013

Posted By: fatima32  Posted On: Nov 6th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

First of all i’m going to talk about my predictions of el nino first.

Now first of all, yeah hurricane sandy was a bad one here in southeast virginia. What’s crazy is another Nor’Easter is scheduled for this week and could be almost as bad as last week’s storm. That’s already telling me, I think this winter will bring many storms to come this winter. Then, if we keep getting cold front after cold front bombarding the east coast and stuff, I think there will be some major Nor’Easters causing great heavy amounts of snowfall. Whopping amounts will happen in the deep south, southeast, mid-atlantic/Northeast(including virginia), and lake effect for the northern mid west and even storms coming from deep west could set some snowstorms for the midwest. Then, if storm continue to combine like how sandy combined with a storm from the west, these storms will be so big, that midwest may feel impacts anyway, and it seems to me that when two storms combine, the overall storm potentials and powerfulness increases and intensity of snowfall may get stronger during these winter storms. I mean, it was already getting in the 30s and 40s in the morning in early october here in Virginia! So imagine in December how bad it’s gonna be with storms and cold fronts combining. We may see times where Nor’easter after Nor’easter could keep walloping the east coast. I think this winter could be very bad for the southeast, deep south, midatlantic, and northeast. According to Farmersalmanac virginia’s part of the northeast and it’s like northeast and midatlantic so it’s all one combined region, but yeah those regions: Southeast, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Deep South I believe could be impacted by major snowfall all winter and it’s not gonna be pretty for snowhaters. Snowlovers around these regions above will be really enjoying a treat and I’ll be very happy! Then el nino i’ve heard looks so impressive which was in August, that we could set record snowfalls and I heard it’s proven that whenever the southeast, northeast, and mid-atlantic have had el nino after a la nina year, they’ve set really high snowfalls. And i’ve seen i remember in the summer i posted this winter website they said that this winter could bring storms of what i’d say substantial snow amounds. Because we had a la nina last year and this year looks el nino and the amounts were staggering in history with some places that ended up getting like 70 inches of snowfall and stuff like that!
Then, the hurricane recently hurricane sandy was intensifying when it went in warmer waters near the mid-atlantic accross the ocean from virginia and when waters are warm on the east coast that’s a sign of el nino i believe, and that could be signaling that hey, this winter is gonna have some strong snowstroms and even blizzards for the eastcoast so get ready, because it will be a crazy snowy, cold, blizzardy winter. It will only be 49 degrees over here today already! I’ll be forecasting some more soon. Here’s some more info:
1. there were tons upon tons of woolly worms crossing roads last month, and not to mention they were super fat and they had like black and that signals a cold snowy winter some were bands of brown which may really send a strong sense for a cold, snowy winter this winter.
2. There’s a big bush type plant i have where animal food grew on it and i’ve never see that happen too much before.
3. I don’t know if you guys know this, but when lots of bugs are in your house it’s sure sign of a cold snowy winter. There have been outrageous amounts of bugs in my house and i’ve seen outside where bugs are making webs like gynormous gigantic spider webs stretching probably feet and i heard when they build there webs high, it’s a sign of a lot of snow coming and one built a web on my house which the web might have been atleast 12 feet high! So things are coming together and i can feel that this winter will be no joke when it comes to heavy snows and cold temperatures. Stay tuned for more!

  1. Grandin says:

    the nor’ easter is gonna be weak. only 40 to 50 knot winds with alot of the rain out at sea. sandy had 70 plus winds. And now im gonna be here longer possibley till thanksgiving cause of the weather systems out here. sucks big time cause i miss my kid and wife. But i make huge bank doing this. there is a short lived warm faze coming then a HUGE vlast of cold air will filter down into chcago northwest indiana on monday and be here in the east by thursday of next week,, And u covered the east and southeast now talk on the midwest and west? upper midwest too??

  2. BlizzardKing says:

    How do you know for sure that the unusual setup that went down with superstorm/hurricane sandy is a sign of things to come for the east coast? I was already thinking that since the storm was so huge it would affect the weather for weeks to come over north america, but other than that it seemed a coincidence of what happened. More like certain things all coming together at a bad time such as someone mentioning the nao going negative right with sandy in the way when that noreaster was forming and so on!

  3. fatima32 says:

    @Grandin yeah, you’re right the nor’easter is weak. i didn’t know you’re in indiana at the moment.
    It seems since it’s el nino i think i’ve  that weather tends to be on the warmer side more in the midwest, however lots of lake effect comes i believe from warm winds hitting the lakes of the midwest causing lake effect snowfall big time! So, then i heard on one website say there will still be lots of clipper systems bringing good bursts of snowfall so you should still expect a fairly snowy winter in Indiana bro.
    @Blizzardking Great question! Well, basically as Sandy went near the coast of Virginia and up the east coast, I noticed it strengthening as they said waters were warmer near us and the storm was rapidly intensifying. Now, with this thinking this means that el nino may be here in my opinion because i’ve heard when we get el ninos the waters are warmer on the east coast and waters are less active in the west and some how, these things play in the role of what could be a historically cold and snowy winter to come from the northeast, mid atlantic, southeast, dep south and even possibly the midwest!

  4. ShawnM says:

    Hey Fatima what do you think that means for my state of Missouri? Could it possibly be much colder and snowier than most people’s forecasts are saying?

  5. i love nicole says:

    2012/2013 will be a brutally harsh winter….SO EXCITED!!!!

  6. McSnow2265 says:

    Just curious on your logic on this supposed upcoming and snowy winter for the U.S.  You’ve suggested that with the two extreme storms we’ve just witnessed within a week of a eachother, the East is in for a very snowy and extreme winter.   I would hesitate to bank so much on these two extreme storms, because they are/were exactly this – extreme.   When meteorological conditions come together in such a fashion to produce what we in the east here have just witnessed, this should NOT be considered an emerging trend or a harbinger of things to come.  They are the exception, the anomaly to what we consider ‘normal’ weather.  

    You’ve also suggested a cold and extremely snowy winter for, what I could observe in your comments above, for just about the entire U.S.  This rarely happens.   When one part of the country is experiencing extreme conditions, the other half is typically experiencing exactly the opposite….it’s kind of like the ying and yang of weather.  An obvious example is low pressure and high pressure systems.  They are each other’s opposites and when they collide you get extreme weather.   Another observation of your above comments regarding ‘major Nor’easters’….I personally love these storms (the most recent notwithstanding) because of the wild weather they can through our way.  However, to get blockbluster storms which deliver the snow and winds we love so much here in New England you need a number of factors to be in place…otherwise, the storms just go out to sea.  The NAO was extremely negative for example in last years October snowstorm, with Sandy and this last snow storm here in southern New England.  Additionally, the Greenland block was firmly in place, which didn’t allow these storms to go out to sea.  But remember…all these conditions and then some, have to be in place for the big storms you are suggesting to occur. 

    Don’t get me wrong….I live for the incredible winter like weather especially like what we experienced two years ago here in New England.  I am just curious on exactly what trends/models/past years similarities that you are basing your future casts on.  I was re-reading your comments from November of last year, 2011.  You had very similar verbage on what we could expect for a very snowy winter and we all know what happened last year.   Not trying to downplay your thoughts….but would love some insight into where you are getting your info.   Because I would love a very cold and you put it, a snowy and blizzardy winter this year too. 


  7. Blizzardlord says:

    it really all depends on the type of El Niño we are having during the winter to determine if the east coast’s waters will be warm or not, some El Niños the water off the east coast is colder, some make them warmer 

  8. sapporo1 says:

    I will patiently wait until December for winter to arrive, however, if we see a similar pattern to November, then it will mean beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there will be absolutely no winter for eastern Colorado, complete with little to no snow and record-shattering heat, wind and lack of hope or happiness, as the ENSO so far, has favored even more persistent and unusually strong areas of high pressure, just like during the summer…the patterns have not changed at all, why I ask, do we have to remain locked in the same exact trend that fried us all summer long? What did we do to deserve so many fires and dissappearing lakes, it is making me depressed.

  9. sapporo1 says:

    How many years in a row do we have to endure this nightmare? isn’t 3 straight years enough?

  10. The Rickster says:

    Hopefully things will look up for you Sapporo. No joke.

  11. sapporo1 says:

    Well, the long range ensembles are not looking good, as they sre now hinting at a 4th year in a row of drought, and warmer than average temperatures, I think I give up…winter will never truly return to the Rockies.

  12. tornadoes2 says:

    december january feburary is going to be very extream temperature battle zone u might get cold or freezing rain u might get very warm at times extream outbreak of severe storms all together. theres not very  much of cold like we saw couple winter’s ago things will be getting boring we will get effected eastern part country something like hurricane sandy we will see more black out next month and beyond.

  13. cjjtsmom says:

    Hi will central NC get snow this winter?

  14. fatima32 says:

    @ShawnM: Almanac says periods of storminess/wild temps swings. It looks possibly the midwest including Mossouri get a fairly decent winter but I know pretty much for sure, the southeast, mid-atlantic, northeast, and deep south could get hammered.
    @McSnow2265 notice i havn’t really declared a cold snowy winter for the southwest, West, and pacific northwest. I’m not just making up wishes for the forecast to make everyone happy, typically a good el nino can effect many areas with colder and snowier winters than normal. I actually read recently that there is a Greenland Blockage Pattern developing. If you havn’t it’s been way colder than normal already, and it’s only November! But watch I bet most likely this forecast is accurate to a “T”! It’s proven in history in many cases, where the whole east coast from northeast to mid atlantic to southeast have had a La nina followed by a much colder and snowier winter than normal the next winter with an El nino.
     @Blizzardlord: You’re correct and I’ve heard we may have a moderate El nio signaling a strong chance for a cold snowy winter through the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-atlantic and even the Deep South as I keep repeating. lol. 
      @cjjtsmom yes you’re gonna have a cold/snowy winter like me in virginia since you’re part of the southeast. El nino is one main reason!

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