Barbeque next summer…everyone’s invited

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Nov 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well, with a dry winter snd spring likely, and probably a blazing hot , dry summer again next year, Colorado’s gonna be a big o’l barbeque, so bring your marshmallows and hot dogs, and your gas masks, because it’s gonna be an all-out blazin burn off, as the Colorado Rockies go up in smoke.
Oh, and don’t forget your cameras, because this will hopefully never happen again in our lifetimes, charbroiled beef for everyone and plenty of firewood to have a big old fashioned campfire, the biggest you have, or ever will see.
No, but  seriously, enough is enough, how much more drought and strong wind events with no humidity can this poor state take, not much more before something far more serious happens I would say. 

  1. fatima32 says:

    great comparison between the drought and barbeque! lol!

  2. sapporo1 says:

    What can I say Fatima, that is what is on the docket for us if we don’t start getting some serious moisture, but yeah, you liked my analogy eh?

  3. i love nicole says:

    Lol, nice analogy(: They say that here in southwest Colorado, we’re supposed have above average precipitation this winter, next spring, and even next summer. All of this, accompanied by slightly colder than average temperatures. This is all based on a few different sources as well as the fact that el niño was supposed to play a role on this winter’s storm patterns. Although, it currently doesn’t seem like el niño is playing any part of a role in our weather. I think this will change drastically, however and we will end up seeing a good, snowyswinger, with plenty of cold, too. If we do, which we probably will, hopefully the snow gods will send some up your way, too, sapparo1.

  4. i love nicole says:

    Sorry, meant to say “cold, snowy winter”. Not snowy swinger  or whatever it said. Stupid hand held devices. 

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