Happy Veterans Day

Posted By: Ohio 5-O  Posted On: Nov 11th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I’d like to take this time to thank all those who have fought for our great country and those continuing to serve. If weren’t for our military we wouldn’t be here talking about the weather.

  1. sapporo1 says:

    I am a Veteran, but many people in my area seem to like to make me feel less significant because I served in the Navy, and not the Marines or the Army.

  2. snowlover says:

    Sapporo1 Happy Veterans Day to you and any other Veterans on this forum.  My Husband served in the Air Force.  Each branch contributes to our safety; and I appreciate them all.

  3. Grandin says:

    happy veterans day ohio 5-0 And your welcome.

  4. Ohio 5-O says:

    Sapporo1 my post was for all branches of the military. The people in your area that talk down about your service probably never served. It takes a lot to do what you military guys do?

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