Why warm weather is bad this time of year

Posted By: Ohio 5-O  Posted On: Nov 29th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Warm weather this time of year is makin everyone sick with allergies and/or sinus infection which has everyone feeling fatigued. I mean more than half the officers in my precinct came in with pink eye, runny nose, strep throat, etc. If mother nature would get her act together we wouldn’t have this issue.

  1. Rodney1974 says:

    Absolutely! I feel the smae way every time warm weatehr is here for teh winter.

  2. Rodney1974 says:

    Also, could it be possible Mother Nature wants to rid humanity?

  3. tornadoes2 says:

    its going to be warmer than average winter in the northern states thats what it seems like.

  4. ukfan8812 says:

    On another note, Lexington has been under 32 degrees 19 times this november..the most since 1996…wasnt that a winter for the record books?

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