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Posted By: interstatelover7166  Posted On: Nov 30th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

It seems like nobody on here says they’re getting snow. But what’s funny, is here in the NYC metro area, we’re starting to see snow almost always in our forecast!

  1. rainsticks says:

    I live right across the river from NYC and my forecast doesn’t say anything about snow :[ But I’d like it to !!!

  2. sapporo1 says:

    Yeah, well, we keep seeing snow pop up in our forecast, and then days before the supposed storm and cold air are supposed to arrive, poof, the preciptation chances and the cooler air suddenly disappear and this long spell of freakish warmth and zero precipitation just never seems to end, the longer time goes on, the longer this pattern seems to last, we even have a nasty fire burning in one of the most majestic parks in the entire US, Rocky Mountain National Park, and last I heard, it was getting worse due to drying winds and unusual warmth, I only hope that if this winter is not going to favor any precip for us, that someone can at least tell me that spring and summer wont bring exactly the same thing…scary situation.

  3. amyweger says:

    So far we have a snow/rain mix for next Wednesday, and colder temps for the end of the week. Right now it is around 53 degrees and RAIN. Temperatures have been doing crazy things. A few days ago it was in the 30′s, now we are in the 50′s, and in a few more days back into the 30′s. Wish it would make up its mind and stay cold.

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