Possible lake effetc snow storm?

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Nov 30th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I was watching the news and the weather man is hinting around to a possible sizeable big snow storm coming off lake michigan in about 2 weeks. All this weekend it’s suppose to be in the 60′s with possible thunderstorms sunday when im at the bears game in chicago. and all next week till about next friday it’s suppose to be in the upper 50′s low 60′s in DECEMBER! then i guess starting next friday were gonna fall off the cliff and it’s suppose to get really cold and snow sumtime in the week of December 5th and it may stick around alot of sign of big time cold weather for the upper midwest with lots of lake effect snows.  ya we’ll see.. Right now this is how last winter started with short term cold shots and warm and muggy with little or no snow. And im allso hearing next year will be hot and dry again. ugh figures…. And the northwest i wish i could come out there and help but i cant less i get sent by fema and were not really contracted out west but next febuary that will change in canada too. Anyone else’s weather gonna change anytime soon?






  1. snowangel78 says:

    suppose to go into the 50s Sunday through tuesday than back to the mid 30s. But that’s NY state weather for ya.

  2. trw says:

    In Michigan ( just below Thumb area) it looks like winter temps might show up and stick around starting after this week. Temps will hit a high of 62 on monday, before returning to “normal” Now we just need some good snows to start off the season!

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