Snow as a coping method

Posted By: Ohio 5-O  Posted On: Dec 3rd, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Dear mother nature,
Since I have to watch my city’s sports teams choke every year how bout u give us some snow or at least a white Christmas. I should have 1 or the other

  1. snowlover says:

    How about those Redskins last night.  That made my day for a while.  Now on to dreaming of a white Christmas. :)

  2. The Rickster says:

    Dreaming is probably what most of us are going to be doing this winter in terms of a white Christmas :(

  3. Ohio 5-O says:

    No rickster! Keep your head up WE WILL HAVE A WHITE CHRISTMAS!

  4. Ohio 5-O says:

    Snowlover I’ll be at the game against your redskins on the 16th I pray for a blizzard although it probably won’t slow down rg3

  5. snowlover says:

    I’m not too sure if we can play that well in blizzard conditions; but as you say…if anyone can make it happen; RG3 can :)  Who’s your team?

  6. Ohio 5-O says:

    My team is the browns I know they suck but they’re my hometeam. My 2nd favorite team is your rival the dallas cowboys

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