Massive cold air coming?

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Dec 4th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Ok i know this posting is late. I know work swing shifts at my company we are now 24/7 365. So i was peeping out the site and the week of December 10th. A good sized fridged air mass will pour outta canada and come into the states along with alot of wind tp create lake effect snow storms. now i hope this happens thats all im saying i hope this happens i wanna teach my kid about driving the plows and what we do in the winter so when i cant do this no more johnny takes over my bizz.  PLEASE let this cold air and wind come true next monday..



  1. tornadoes2 says:

    well dan hopefully ur right but i don’t see that kind of weather 2012 storm and could big outbreak of storm snow and ice and possible severe weather like strong convective storm potential on tuesday. this sunday and monday could well have snow ice and freezing rain could possible bring chaos to southwestern to windsor to quebec and hopefully it doesn’t effect the christmas holiday.

  2. spellbound says:

    On our 15 day outlook it’s showing the temps go down, no precp, then back in the 60′s again .  This is bad, really bad for me. I can not work.  I thought last winter was bad, this looks to be worse. 

  3. Grandin says:

    well least we should get the cold air. I think when the cold winds blow down lake michigan at a east pace the snow machine will turn on. aND I just looked again and the temps are still set to be in the low 30′s and upper 20′s for day highs. And as of right now dry weather but lake effect snows come outta no where trust me. it would be a bright sunny day then in a matter of mins it could get cloudy and start snowing. I just look north down the lake and can tell. And spellbound i seriously hope you all get some snow this season and turn profit at the end of the season i know how it it being broke it sucks it truely does. When me and my family move out east maybe my bizz and yours can merge!?!? we will be in new hampshire in early august of 2013..

  4. snowboi1 says:

    Well it sucks in South Carolina next 7 days.I have no faith in winter ever again.

  5. Grandin says:

    chin up snowboi SC will get cold and hopefuly snow man.

  6. winterwarrior says:

    We can’t even get more than a flurry up here in S.Ont. let alone down there in S.C. My faith in winter has also pretty much vanished. We used to have snow from late Nov. all the way to Apr. Now we’re lucky to get some by xmas and that rarely sticks around more than a couple of days before melting. I wish that cold air in Alaska would plunge southward and deliver us what we used to see back in the 70′s and 80′s.

  7. snowboi1 says:

    What would it take for that to happen Winterwarrior?Meaning the cold air from Alaska to plunge southward?

  8. winterwarrior says:

    What needs to happen is for both the NAO and AO to stay negative and the PNA to be positive. Also, if we could get a widespread snowpack over the western states this would stop any real modifying of the cold air that dives south and east. Cold and snow over those areas begets more of the same as this becomes a positive feedback loop.

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