Finally a break in the unholy drought plaguing the dying Rockies.

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Dec 5th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

A new pattern looks to be emerging that, according to Andrew of The Weather Centre, will favor a colder and potentially stormy pattern to Colorado, and the rest of the ridiculously parched Southwest, we went nearly 30 straight days without a single iota of precipitation anywhere in central and eastern Colorado, set new records in some areas for driest November and warmest, it was looking completely hopeless for us, and all these terrible things, long, hot, unusually dry summer full of record fires, more of the same throughout the entire fall, with more fires, reservoirs disappearing, fears of severe water shortages and the scary proposition of little to no precipitation all winter long if this pattern continued.
But now, a brand new pattern looks to bring hope to those of us who need it most, and an overall stormy and cooler pattern potential showing up consistently in the long range ensembles, makes me have a spark of hope that I haven’t felt in so long, you guys in the east, you will still get plenty of precipitation, but without a trough here, we cannot even get clouds, so it is a blessing that the cold and storms will only hit the drought-stricken areas of the US, because we need it so badly, this storm is expected to affect the Rockies, Front Range, Southern/ Central Plains, Northern Plains, Chicagoland,  Great Lakes/Midwest and interior Northeast.
Here’s to crossing our fingers for the pattern favoring us for much of this winter. (AKA drought stricken areas) 

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