Are we being punished?

Posted By: Ohio 5-O  Posted On: Dec 10th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I don’t know who the man upstairs is punishing but the warmth and rain is obviously a punishment. I don’t think I did anyththing wrong but if I did I’m sorry Lord I’ll do whatever it takes to get everything back to normal by normal I mean snow

  1. The Rickster says:

    About the same here. It would be crazy to get snow this early in S.C. but I would at least like it to be colder. 

  2. adogg30 says:

    no I think being punish is having to watch the cleveland indians lol

  3. snowboi1 says:

    Sure isn’t winter this month here in South Carolina.I just don understand why it cant be cold like it was from the mid 1980s back.

  4. Ohio 5-O says:

    Yes adogg watchin them is a punishment but since they have to get run into the ground by a crooked owner perhaps some snow would make up for it

  5. Grandin says:

    I remember anthony saying how it was suppose to be so cold and snowy for the east to the mid atlantic heh. i told you guys not get excited. And Ohio be patient myfriend your cold and snow is coming. ill come out there and me and u can do doughnuts in the parking lots with my truck and your squad.

  6. Ohio 5-O says:

    Lol Dan I know we’ll get our cold n snow soon I won’t use the charger to do doughnuts but maybe one of the old black n white crown vics were gettin rid of

  7. Grandin says:

    my town has olf victory crowns as well but there updating there K-9 suv’s with a ford brand suv and the new squads are kinda  weird looking but they go from 0 to 60 in less then 15 seconds Picture below is the new 2013 ford fleet cruisers my pd has in my town.. and shoot i bet the charger is best Ohio!?!?!?!? ~Dan~

  8. KatD-Mo. says:

    since I’ve read the weather data (local) over and over… I see how the weather cycles.  its really interesting.  I read the weather data collected by our local university.  So I’m fairly confident a national weather agency didnt fudge any numbers.

    any who.  we’re almost to a point of being over extended for some really nasty messy winters.  I think when mother nature decides its time to flip flop….   we’ll all be looking back going “remember those fall/spring like winteres we had? it sure would be nice to have a little of that now.”   :D

    as much as I miss having snow, I KNOW there will be a day where I scream:  no more snow!!!!


  9. snowboi1 says:

    That’s the question,when is mother nature gonna finally flip to old fashioned winters again like the mid-80s back or even 1950s?

  10. Anthonypilone01 says:

    @Grandin  Hey, the cold and snow will come our way eventually. It’ll take some time, though. We will have much better luck for snow compared to last year, that for sure.

    Like you said, dude, to have patiance.

  11. Ohio 5-O says:

    @Grandin some of our suburbs have that SUV. Were suppose to be gettin that soon and that new cruiser Ford is comin out with. I definately say the charger is better than the crown vic I’ve drove since I’ve been on the force

  12. Grandin says:

    Ohio 5-0,
    I went to a county auction and they were selling the old crown vics. And i bought one for 2 grand for my son cause he needs a car now and when i was driving it home. They got good pick up speed and stops on the drop of a dime. There good cars got sure. And ya around here and in citys and towns around mine have fazed out the crowns and replaced them with 2013 ford brand suv’s and fleet cruisers. We have no chargers but still nice to see newer squads around. My dad is a cop out in lake tahoe and he was just giving the keys to his new dodge charger squad yesterday. But once it gets snowy and icey we should do doughnuts for sure ha! KatD-Mo, They been saying forever how the earth cycle was going into a mini ice age for the next 50 years. I think them nasa/etc. guru’s got it wrong. Cause alot of the country now have muggy winters and blazing hot dry summers.. Scream loud enough and we may get our snows back? I hope we do! I pray nightly for the cold and snow to come and it will one day real soon come.. Snoeboi1, Shoot i wish winters from the 80′s would make a come back! They were real cold and snowy i just loved it.. Anthony, There you go son you got the right idea now. Just be patient and the snow and cold will be here before u know it. I gotta remind my son everyday as well..

  13. KatD-Mo. says:

    I havent looked at the data lately, but if my memory serves… its a 30-35 yr cycle, for my area.  which gives me a couple more years of “hell”.

  14. snowboi1 says:

    KatD-Mo how can I check the data for my area of South Carolina finally get back to old fashioned winters?

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