My Introduction is here

Posted By: WilliamHayden  Posted On: Dec 10th, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Hello Guys,


This is a very nice community and there are a lot of discussions made, which are not only interesting, but also very informative.I can get updates on various topics all around the world. I want to share and gain knowledge as well as experience among various people here. So I am excited to take part in all topics. Hope I can enjoy my stay, and all will cooperate with me.


Thanks and Regards

William Hayden

  1. ktallent says:

    I have a question?  If I planted trees just a week ago in the wrong moon phase, Should I dig them up and replant them to the correct moon phases planting…I was not thinking about the planting at the time…According to the charts I planted to slow the growth of my fruit trees?  Help   K. Tallent

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