Winter in Central Illinois

Posted By: RebelChyld  Posted On: Dec 11th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Hello everyone, a longtime lurker here.


Ever since last year’s winter bust, and the drought that I watched happen before my very eyes as the fields of green turned to fields of dusty brown rust I have taken a keen interest in weather not only in my area, but in the entire country.  The unfortunate truth though with this, is the fact that a lot of places that I turn to look, shows models that well when I look at them it makes me feel like I’m reading how to instructions in Ancient Sanskrit or something (I totally do not understand them). Laymens terms are sometimes hard to find.  And every time I turn to look at for my area, I see snow and then later on in the day for the 10 day forecast, it’s totally gone.


 Not only am I taking a keen interest in the weather, so is my 11 year old son.  Now for him, I’m sure it has something to do with snow days (last year was the first year since he was in school he didn’t have a single one), but I also think he’s somewhat of an environmental advocate because they talk about the impact of weather and science on the crops and fields (I live in a somewhat rural area where most of the students are children of farmers and those involved in the agricultural business, and our state capitals lake is really really low right now), and we regularly talk about the weather, migrating geese (we just saw a TON of these last week flying when we were walking towards the bus stop), and that sort of thing.  I’m happy he’s taken such a keen interest in the environment around him, but I also know he’s like a regular kid and wants to know if he’ll have snowdays this year. (He’s drawn up a plan for things to build in the snow this year)

So I come to you friendly people here, with my questions.

What do you guys think that the winter will be like for Central Illinois this year?  For those who follow the weather and might understand what other weather enthusiasts are saying (with their GFS models and other models), do you think perhaps that you could give me a laymens outlook on what could be possible?


I know that technically winter hasn’t even started, and it won’t start until December 21st, but by now usually we have at least some snow or ice that have hit, but we have only been getting rain, but there has been several freezes in the morning time when we’re going to the bus stop (today there was a lot of ice on the door of the house, and a lot of the cars were covered in frost).  So it does give me hope.


Anyways, thank you in advance for any insight on what you guys might have for this area!


And for those who are getting hit with severe droughts, I hope that things look up for you, the same goes for those who make their living in the colder snowier months.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, for all of us.





  1. tornadoes2 says:

    there are saying 15% chance of snow for christmas and in southwestern ontario but thats only 1 inch we are going to have mild and wam winter and disease will be all over are immune system.

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