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Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Dec 12th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well i been looking at my 25 outlook. And there is a small hint that temps may crash cold enough for snow to fall. I can honestly i think we all will get out winter but it will start off late and be shorter. Seems to me that the earth id going into a warm faze aka global warming. I bet Al Gore is just doing a dance and singing a word of glee now. Saturday around here there is a 100 percent chance of rain we may get up to 2 inches of rain. If it was cold enough thats 24 inches of snow! The temp is suppose to be 41 degrees. I hope and pray and hope again it gets cold enough so it will switch over to snow.. At night it’s suppose to be in the low 30′s.. So you never know at the end of it. It may turn over to all snow for a little bit? I hope so but we’ll see. Last night it got down to 24 degrees here i loved it too! Anyone else got any weather reports they wanna share?? ~Dan~

  1. The Rickster says:

    Its 45 degrees outside right now with rain. It was 48 when I woke up. Temps are supposed to be in the upper 30s. Since my location is kind of away from the city, It wont surprise me to see a low in the mid 30′s. 

  2. trw says:

    @grandin i will be getting hit by the same rain saturday into sunday as you, and i am really hoping that the weather forecasters call it wrong and it ends up snow!!  after all one can only hope. I am also hearing talks of a storm to hit sometime in the wed. thursday time frame of next week.  Not sure if he covers your area, But i check for weather, he is a private meteorologist, and seems more accurate and straight forward.    

  3. RebelChyld says:

    In Central Illinois:

    Today has been very very cold and wet.  Lots of rain (but it’s better than nothing, right?) and I swear I saw a few flakes when I was outside earlier, but isn’t saying anything about that, so it might just be my mind (and my hopes) playing a trick on me.
    I’m looking forward to later on in the week, we might (fingers crossed) get hit with -something- which would be kinda nice.  However, I also know that there is a blizzard scenario being talked about, further up north.  I just know I’d like to see a bit of white stuff this winter.

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