Cold, Snowy set-up in the East for the second half of December? What will happen?

Posted By: fatima32  Posted On: Dec 15th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Will things get worse for the second half of December? 2012

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a new topic, but I plan to make a good bit of blogs soon, because things are starting to look shaky and potentially old man winter could be getting ready to get very angry. According to sites like, and, as many may know, it’s a very hot topic out there that weather trends could get very bad as far as cold and snow is concerned starting next week. It’s being said that 4 or more major storm systems may potentially cause very powerful snowstorms for the second half of December. Around the holidays of Christmas and Kwanzaa, the East Coast ( mid-atlantic, Southeast, and Northeast), and the south could be looking at lots of snowfall and cold temperatures developing pretty soon as early as this week coming up. Possibly, if trends get worse like some are, then it could get worse as far as higher amounts of snowfall blowing up around the mid- atlantic to northeast (north carolin/ Virginia up north) could get interesting around Christmas and If anyone read the almanac, I recall it saying snowfall for places like Virginia and through other parts of the northeast around Christmas day! So , things are getting crazy next week I think and I think I’ll have to write another blog this week because I see that things are looking pretty ramped up for snowfall chances in the mid- atlantic, southeast, and northeast very soon, and maybe even a White Christmas for these areas of concern. My local meteorologist is already possibly predicting a couple of flakes around Tuesday night here in Southeast Virginia where we are in Virginia Beach, and Norfolk, Chesapeake and all that are associated since I’m in Virginia Beach and He wrote on his blog, that if trends get lower with temperatures, then instead of temps being around upper 40s Wednesday he might have to change the forecast for the worst and make temps colder, and if this happens he just pointed out that things could get interesting next week coming up! Then Flagstaff, Arizona could see up to 17 inches of snow! Then Minnesota just got it bad with snow and could see more! And it’s just getting very active with storm patterns on the west coast/pacific ocean which isn’t good, because that’s where most of our powerful storm systems including snowstorms come from for areas here in the mid-atlantic and northeast. This isn’t good, because they said some major nor’easters could blow-up in the northeast next week coming up and could lead to heavy snowfall rates. I think it’s gonna be crzy this week so get prepared! It’s time to experience what I think could be a snowmaggedon winter to remember! Stay tuned and also let me know some thoughts or of what you’ve all heard involving the weather coming soon and if you’ve all heard anything about what could happen this week and the week of Christmas and Kwanzaa!

  1. snowboi1 says:

    Hey Fatima32 what about South Carolina as far as cold?

  2. tornadoes2 says:

    is the great lakes going to get a storm or what

  3. amyweger says:

    I certainly hope so!! I am sitting here right now in NW PA and the temp outside is almost 60 in mid-December!! I have my windows open for crying out loud! We are wondering what happened to winter here??

  4. fatima32 says:

    yes the three of you all will see big changes soon i believe and many of us will be seeing lots of snow and cold air pretty soon i believe personally.

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