What will really happen December 21, 2012 (Doomsday/Next Friday)?

Posted By: fatima32  Posted On: Dec 15th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

The world won’t end. I don’t believe it will. In fact, funny thing is, a couple of moths ago, people found some more Mayan Calendars exending many years ahead of time, so the dorks whoever made up such ridiculous rumors of the world ending, are idiots. I can’t wait to see the dumb looks on people’s faces that keep saying the world will end. Whenit’s close to that time that the world will end, everyone will know it because it’ll be to obvious. There’s gonna be too many signs and people will know, believe me! I’m not worrying myself to death about something dumb that the government has created to scare people. In fact, I’ve even heard that the whole December 21, 2012 thing was just a scam for Hollywood to make lots of money to make millions! It’s true, I believe because think about it. Something random with the world ending and a stupid excuse involving the world ending is the Mayan Calendar what a big coincidence because many movies have been made for such a dumb thing and people are buying movies and products to prepare for something, that’s not gonna happen! And Mayans said, during this so called doomsday december 21, 2012 would become the start to a new beginning with the world, not an ending. They said it would be an evolution of a new world starting on this day. No one really know s what this means, but I and others would think part of it could involve more communication between aliens and planet earth but it’s gonna be interesting as new things could happen soon, but We’re by far the opposite of the world ending so don’t work yourselves up my friends. Please don’t worry about such malarchy because there’s nothing to fear for this day!

  1. fatima32 says:

    the galactic alignment theory is starting to sound interesting by the way

  2. KatD-Mo. says:

    we have a shot at some snow.  I’m looking forward to it………. and more.

  3. fatima32 says:

    Yeah snowboi1! Hopefully it souldn’t end but if you do some research on this 3 day blackout  (Galactic Alignment) it sounds very interesting to look into because it almost sounds possible,          mi hermano (my brother)

  4. segregg says:

    The world will not end on December 21,2012.
    But the Christian Olympics could end at anytime.

  5. fatima32 says:

    galactic alignment 3 day darkness sounds iinteresting!

  6. Jayne1954 says:

    Fatima, Go up on U tube and look up Padre Pio three days of darkness. I liken it to Moses in Egypt. It is a pretty scarey situation.

  7. stuffradio says:

    The galactic alignment theory is a scare tactic. Every year on the 21st, the planets align or whatever they say happen. Look it up. Nothing will happen. There have been calendars from the Mayans found that are for at least a few thousand more years in the future.

  8. interstatelover7166 says:

    La-dee-da. It’s December 21 and we’re not dead, so myth…busted!

  9. The Rickster says:

    We lost power not to long ago. I blame it on the wind. Its howling out there.

  10. interstatelover7166 says:

    And the sun dawns on December 22nd. Well, I guess we all survived the apocalypse.

  11. The Rickster says:

    Yup. I’m alright with living for a while longer. Lol. 

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