Snow in the future for southeastern Ohio??

Posted By: snowgazer  Posted On: Dec 28th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well, the predictions from the last storm, which hit most areas the day after Christmas began with a call for 12+ inches of snow for us, then the storm shifted…meaning we received a bit of ice, and bitter cold temps, but none of the fluffy white inches of snow that I dream of seeing.  I am in southeastern Ohio, and have been so disappointed the last few winters because instead of flakes…it’s been a fizzle. Would someone look into their crystal ball of isobars and jet streams – letting me know if there’s any possibility that I will have the excitement of a snow storm this year? I don’t think I can bear going into another Spring without the youthful joy to my old soul that I feel – tracking the warnings for my area and awaiting the first flake to fall. Anyone have a prediction that I can hang onto and bring me sweet dreams with the sound of salt trucks and snow plows dancing in my head?

  1. Flake Fan says:

    If this storm just after New Year’s is just a bit stronger, farther south/ etc… you might get something decent. :)

  2. snowgazer says:

    Thank you, Flake Fan!! I have been so anxiously waiting for a BIG snow storm. When I was a kid in the 70′s, it seems as if it were just a staple of each and every winter, no wondering or hoping, the snow would continuously fall, and I miss those days! Wishing you and yours a VERY Happy New Year!! 

  3. Flake Fan says:

    Sure thing! Here’s another map showing 6-10″ for southern Ohio. You’re on the edge, but things are trending in your favor right now. :) 

  4. snowgazer says:

    Oh Boy, Flake Fan!! I’m hoping the edge creeps just a bit and we get the 6-10″!! I would be one very happy woman!! You’re a jewel, thank you SO very much!! 

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