Very Cold Weather for End of January

Posted By: Delstein  Posted On: Jan 14th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Andrew posted that very cold weather could round out the end of the month. Here’s a link: 
The maps in the post show that places as far south as Atlanta could have temperatures well below freezing (about -12 Celsius or 10 Fahrenheit). States that normally have cold temperatures, like Minnesota, could have temperatures as cold as -30F. 

  1. The Rickster says:

    Would like to see it, thats for sure,. 

  2. tornadoes2 says:

    hopefully we don’t see sustain severe weather extream cold conditions eastern part of the country because it will freeze my pipes inside my house.

  3. Delstein says:

    Oh…Those maps aren’t for the surface. They’re actually for 5000 feet above the ground. It’s not going to be that cold down here.

  4. Shadowloki10 says: has Northern VA forecast next week with highs in the 20′s and lows in the single digits. That is cold for here. BBBBRRRRRR. Now bring in some snow and we are all set =)


  5. Delstein says:

    Here in Central OH, the cold is already coming. Our high this Tuesday is supposed to be 17 degrees.

  6. snowlover says:

    Wow Delstein that’s cold!!!  I can only imagine the lows you’ll have.  @Shadowloki10 are you excited about the forecast for today/tonight?  I’m south of you (Rich) and we’re  forecasted to get between 3-5 inches!  Hiphiphoray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m like a little kid.  Although it’s not supposed to start falling till 3-5 I have to resist looking out the window now. :)  Nothing but rain out there; a cold steady rain.  We’re about to lose our minds having 4 days of rain/clouds in a row.  Only the anticipation of snow is keeping us from losing our minds:)  Hope everyone keep warm and be careful.  Although it’s fun for most there are some less fortunate.

  7. TheMaineMan says:

    Next week temps are supposed to go down to -10F here.

  8. The Rickster says:

    The GFS (i know…the GFS…) is trending twords some snow here South Carolina on the 26th of January. We’ll see what happens. 

  9. Delstein says:

    Well, the GFS isn’t a terribly unreliable model, especially considering that it’s only a week away. If it was, say, two weeks away, then I wouldn’t have much confidence. 

  10. The Rickster says:

    Juat checked it again before logging in here. It still brings in some blue over us. The high that day is supposed to be in the 60s with lows in the upper 30s.

  11. The Rickster says:

    It can snow in temps such as 36-37 degrees. I’ve seen it happen. The snowstorm we had that dumped 6 inches on us in the early 2000′s happened with a temp of just 36 degrees. Hopefully I’m not wrong here, but  as long as that last mile in the atmosphere is 32 (freezing) or below, it can snow. 

  12. snowlover says:

    I hope you get it.  What does it say for Virginia?

  13. The Rickster says:

    @ Snowlover- I hope we get it to. Lol.

    As for your question, it shows snow for VA. I’m not familiar with that state so I can’t exactly pinpoint on the maps, where it shows the rain/snow line. Here is where I found the GFS forecast.

    Copy and paste the site in your URL box, if a link is not made here.  The GFS has changed quite a bit since I began keeping tabs on this system. However, through out all the changes…it’s hinted at snow for my area 2-3 times.  I have two news local stations I watch. One says a low of 35 for Friday night/Saturday morning. The other says 36 for that same time frame. Wunderground says 34. Accuweather says 40. NOAA says 36. Will something happen down here? I doubt it. Will something happen in VA? I have no room to say yay or nay on the subject, BUT, y’all would get snow before we do. 

  14. silo36 says:

    Right now at my place on the mountain in Johnson County Ky. ,  we have a temperature of 18 with wind gusts around 20 mph.  About the best cahnce of snow we have presently is toward the weekend.  It looks more like a wintry mix than anything.  Predicted windchills around 0.  We might be close to that now.

  15. The Rickster says:

    Thats pretty icy Silo. Been a long time since I seen those types of temps around here. 

  16. snowlover says:

    Thanks Rickster.  I copied and pasted and saw that there is a 20% of snow on Wed (I won’t bother holding my breath for that) and a 50% chance on Friday/Friday night (now that I might hold a couple of breaths for) :)  We’ll see.  Hope you get yours too. 

  17. The Rickster says:

    Doubt we will but I can always keep my fingers crossed. Lol.

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