Will winter start to show itself soon? Read and stay tuned!

Posted By: fatima32  Posted On: Jan 20th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Well, they predicted snow for here in southeastern virginia last thursday night, but here there was nothing. I think it’s only a matter of time before winter starts showing itself more. This winter has been too comfortable, pleasant, and nice and I have a gut feeling that more days of cold temperatures and snowfall is on the way for many despite the warmth we’ve had lately. I think especially the northeast, Mid atlantic, and southeast have a good chance for lots of snow coming soon for the next few weeks ahead. I just have a feeling. You all should discuss beliefs and rumors and all that good stuff about any upcoming snowstorms. I know that next friday night into next saturday, it looks to be interesting as many sites and stuff look interesting next weekend. It looks like it could be a rare Southern Snowstorm possibly. I don’t know, but it seems to be that things are going to be interesting with snowfall next weekend for the East Coast. There are some rumors of a possible Snowstorm and what I think could be a Snow’Easter, as I call them, because it looks to be a pretty impressive and strong low pressure system, to come from the gulf I’m gonna say, and a cold front and some snow from the midwest, that I think will combine for havoc of a Winter snowstorm headed for the East Coast this upcoming weekend! Everyone try to do some research or what ever, if you find it interesting and share your thoughts, because it looks to be something impressive this weekend coming up. It seems as if the storm system will sit on the coast, hug the coast to dump on helpless snowfall, and it seems that people are saying that it may slowly move up the coast, which is why it looks to be a Classic Snowstorm/Snow’Easter in my opinion. We’ll see!

  1. snowboi1 says:

    We haven’t seen much winter at all period.We saw more cold lasting longer in oct-nov.

  2. The Rickster says:

    Would be VERY nice if it happened. Its wild that Alabama already got snow, while my area and surrounding areas haven’t got a single flake. All we’ve gotten so far was a chilly rain. If the South East gets any snow at all this year, now is the time. Most of our winter weather events happen in late January, to early Feb. or so. Latest I have seen it snow was in March. I’m keeping my hopes up but I’m prepared for yet another let down. Always expect the worst. You’ll never be disappointed. 

  3. fatima32 says:

    I feel you Rickster. I hope something happens soon like a snowstorm for the mid-atlantic, southeast because I’m ready to see some snowfall!

  4. snowlover says:

    Our local Meteorologis are calling for precipatation for Thursday night/Friday morning.  I think they’re too afraid to predict snow this far in advance.  Last week they mentioned that we might see some flurries on Tuesday; but haven’t said anything else since last Friday :(.  Well at least we’re getting the cold weather this week.  Now all we need is some moisture.  Seems like it’s so hard to get both at the same time.  Last Thursday we had about 1 1/2 inches.  Don’t give up hope Rickster although I too feel your frustration.  At least I’ve seen a flake now; is it wrong to wish for more?  :)  Thanks for sharing your thoughts Fatima.  I was wondering if you got any snow last week.

  5. The Rickster says:

    I’m hoping all of us get our wish before Winter’s end. No lie. My woman’s mom said she seen a small gathering of snow birds in her front yard, and I seen some over at my uncle’s house in his backyard. Anyone know a Snow Dance…? 

  6. snowboi1 says:

    Same here in my part of South Carolina,nothing.

  7. fatima32 says:

    you’re welcome snowlover. I didn’t see really any flurries or anything last friday when we were supposed to see at least an inch in virginia beach. Norfolk as well. Hopefully if this storm track goes a little more south, we could see at least a half a foot of snow in southeastern virginia and other parts of the mid-atlantic and southeast as well. We’ll have to wait and stay tuned on the subject because it’s early, and models have been off lately and it could be a classic snowstorm possibly. You never know what god could do to change and tweek the forecast just like that. I think they’re scared too, to say we may see snow in southeastern virginia friday too. I do think even atlanta, ga could see at least a mix on thursday night, i’m predicting. Just a gut feeling that something interesting with the models might happen by tomorrow afternoo. It might be a little flurry activity wednesday night and thursday, then friday and friday night, and i’m predicting saturday morning, to include a potentially several inches of snow in south east virginia atleast. 

  8. The Rickster says:

    NAM and GFS are still showing freezing rain and ice pellets down here in South Carolina. 

  9. fatima32 says:

    I wish that there was more snow for virginia, north carolina, and south carolina. Here in the mid-atlantic in our area, it’s hard to get snow but it happens, so i know how you feel rickster, but i’m sure there will be a major southeast/mid-atlantic snowstorm atleast before february ends, so don’t worry bro, because i’m sure there will be more oppurtunities, if you’re stuck with just ice this time. But, things could change, as our temperatures have been trending colder all week!

  10. fatima32 says:

     Just like i said yesterday, i had a gut feeling that by this afternoon today, models would get worse for more snow, and now some local meteorologists hint that there may be a couple or maybe even more inches of snow, which should happen friday, since temps have been trending colder for friday, and something told me this would happen last night, so tonight we have a half inch of snow, then friday could be a big snowfall, so we’ll have to watch this one carefully, as things are becoming a little interesting with our potentially very snowy and white visit from old man winter on friday! So stay tuned and keep posting.

  11. The Rickster says:

    Hopefully so man. I appreciate the kind words man. No joke. Its good to hear something up-lifting every now and then. NOAA is predicting 32 for Friday for a high. One local weather dude is saying 43. Other is still saying 36. Numbers are all over the place right now. NAM is now trending with ice to start, rain to finish. GFS is basically the same. Are there any other models to watch? 

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