Complete & Utter Newbie to Farmer’s Almanac

Posted By: daniel-bobbi  Posted On: Jan 22nd, 2013  Filed Under: Home & Garden

My parents & grandparents strongly believed in the “signs” and trusted Farmer’s Almanac to no end. Our last garden wasn’t nothing short of a disaster. Realizing that maybe there’s something to this, my husband and I decided to get started much earlier and to do a little studying. Forgive me, but when I say I’m new….I really mean it. Ha!  I read on here that the best day for planting my root crops was 2/4…won’t they freeze? It will most likely be in the 30′s (as the high) around that time.  I am located in South Central Kentucky (Bowling Green area) so we’re not considered “south.”  

I really, really, really want to have a successful garden this year so that I can have veggies, jam and sauces put up for us so that we’re not so reliant on the super market during the winter months. We have really been striving to eat more whole/natural foods and less processed…so any help or suggestions I can get, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks everyone!!!!   

  1. kagregg says:

    I welcome the same advice. We are in Washington state and the ground is frozen…this seems really early, but I am willing to learn and get sage advice.

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