Snow and more…

Posted By: panaminer  Posted On: Feb 3rd, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

When is it going to stop, we have had snow after snow after snow. And the temps have mainly been in the teens for the most part. When is summer going to come here in Michigan?? I get horrible gas mileage in the snow, I mean like 12mpg And I have a 24 gallon. It sucks

  1. Jayne1954 says:

    You can send some of that snow to us here in the Eastern Panhandle Of WV if you like. We haven’t got to much once again this year. Lately just been getting these little dribs and drabs of like a coating to an inch. Tonight maybe 1 to 3 inches. All i wanted was just one sizable snowstorm and I would have been happy. Next week warming up to the middle to upper 40′s, maybe 50!! Well Feb. has just begun so maybe we will still have a chance for one anyway. Hope thing’s get better for you soon there.

  2. KatD-Mo. says:

    Send some to Missouri!!!!!!

    all we’ve had is 2 snows, that just barely turned the ground white.  its a sad showing here!   we’ve had more days in the 40-50′s than I can count.  we’ve even seen 70′s in JANUARY.

    Last summer was like the 4th warmest on record.  I’ll bet this winter will be the same.   It sure would be nice if we had some more normal like seasons.   

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