Anymore Cold coming Southeast?

Posted By: snowboi1  Posted On: Feb 7th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Does anyone know if were gonna be anymore cold down south?

  1. The Rickster says:

    The GFS is hinting at snow for next weekend. I don’t believe it for one second. It will change, thats a guarantee. is saying a 20% chance of rain for Saturday with a high of 61. So yeah. Lol. Things here are self explanatory. Anyone else seeing this trend on anymore models for the time being? 

  2. snowboi1 says:

    2 straight years of no real winter down here in SC.

  3. The Rickster says:

    right, but I must admit, this winter has been a little bit better than last years. As promised, the GFS has changed. It still hints at some snow in the state but NO WHERE near what it was. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. KatD-Mo. says:

    we’ve had less snow this year than last.  only 2 dustings, but I believe we’ve had more rain.  we really need moisture, so we’ll happily take the rain.

    I’m not for sure… but I think the N-E is sucking up all the snow. 

  5. The Rickster says:

    From what I heard, they did. Lol.

    The GFS is leaning twords snow again on Sunday.   Wish I had access to more models but I don’t.

  6. TheMaineMan says:

    Most of the NE is actually below average because of how dry January was. Even with yesterday’s 26.4 inches, we are only now close to where we should be for February 10.
    That said, I do already have more snowfall than I did all of last year, and definitely more than the dreaded 2019-2010 season.

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