Moon Favorable Dates

Posted By: moneal7358  Posted On: Mar 6th, 2013  Filed Under: Home & Garden

do you plant seeds or seedlings during the moom favorable dates?  It’s still cold here and I’m afraid to plant my beans, cukecumbers, eggplant, squash etc.

I’ve started tomatoes and cukes and beans indoors but I’m not sure what to do.

appreciate any feed back
happy gardening

  1. HolladayGardener says:

    We have learned over the years to always plant by the moon!  Plants may grow well, regardless of when you plant them, but they will not produce as they should.
    We have started our tomato plants and all too.  We will plant them after the last frost date and according to the moon favorable dates listed in the Almanac.  If our plants are getting “too big” for their starting containers before we can plant them, then we will replant them into larger containers.  
    Must admit we have been known to start our tomato plants just before the last frost and put milk jugs over them at night—but again, when the 
    Almanac says to plant.
    We are in Zone 7b in West TN near Interstate 40.
    Good Luck!

  2. gr870sfunk says:

    When the almanac says its a good day to transplant, does that mean transplanting my seedlings into the ground or just moving them from a smaller container to a larger one?  i just don’t know about waiting TWO MORE WEEKS to plant my veggies in the ground.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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