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Posted By: 24woodb  Posted On: Apr 16th, 2013  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Hello, I am new to this site and need some advice on planting. I am prepared to plant my garden on April 1 7th & 18th as the Almanac says thet are “Most Fruitful Days’ to plant. I live east of the Houston area and the average highs’have been 75 to 80 degrees and the lows in the mid to upper 60′s.There is supposed to be an unusual cold snap coming for the 17th & 18th were the lows are supposed to be in the mid 40′s. The seed pack says to plant after the night temps are above 55 degrees. This cool snap is only supposed to last 2 night and the lows are to be in the mid 40′s. The hext favorable days for planting are the 23rd and 24th. Can someone advise on planting on these days. I don’t know if the seeds will germinate or possibly rot. Thank you

  1. Olias says:

    I have a suggestion on how to check the soil temp.  Buy yourself a cheap meat thermometer, but check the range to be sure it goes low enough (30s or 40s f). Poke it in the seed bed in the mornings to a two inch depth for seeds.  Go ahead and shove it in as far as it can go (usually around 5 – 6 inches) for plants that you have started inside or purchased as established plants, that have a root system.
    The soil temperature is slower to change than the ambient air temperatures. A two day cold snap should only change the 2 inch temp by a couple of degrees, depending of course on the amount of sunlight and the soil moisture content.
    I live in the Texas panhandle, so I’m waiting to start my seed beds, since we’ve had spring snows and cold temps.
    Good luck

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