winter forecast 2013-2014

Posted By: rickymadialessi  Posted On: Jun 14th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

hello firiend this is the winter forecast out of my computer in agawam, Massachussetts .  region 1 the southwest, warmer and drier than normal, region 2 , northwest weater and cooler than normal. region 3 the midwest cooler than normal snowstorm totals 6-12 inches. region 4 the southeast, rainyless than 6 inches.region 5 the mid atlantic, cold and snowy storm totals 18-24 inches. region 6 new england, this will be the hot spot as there will be multiple blizzards that bring 2-3 feet or more colder and snowier than normal

  1. Ohio 5-O says:

    I’m not questioning your prediction but how sure are u seeing that its june ? How realistic do u think it is? Imjust curious

  2. sapporo1 says:

    Well, I see many forecasts that predict the same thing year after year, and that’s great for them and all, as wishcasting is great, but in all truth, there is not really a truly clear indication of exactly what to expect this year, even the most veteran meteorologists and climatologists are having a tough time, and in fact, as Ohio 5-0
    has very accurately stated, it is merely June…it is far too early to possibly know with any significant accuracy exactly what next winter will bring.
    But still, it is fun to take guesses at what could happen.

  3. snowlover says:

    Sound good for the mid-atlantic.  However after 4 years on here I know not to get too carried away.  We’ll all just keep our fingers crossed and our excitement down to a minimum:).

  4. tornadoes2 says:

    it  seems like a warm winter of 2013 2014 because of the solar cycle 24 might interrupted the winter snow so it might make it warmer for this winter coming up warm will develop to the midwest to the great lakes states and east coast.

  5. rickymadialessi says:

     where i live in the northeast 2-3 feet of snow for a snowstorm isnt all that rare

  6. bigdog says:

    If your predictions hold true, your method will make you some major cash! So best of luck. Will say its interesting that IL is having below normal temps here at the end of June into July, its been many years actually. We are having temps in the upper 70s, norm. is mid 80s, but usually its in the 90s. So may be there is some cycle change for the winter time. IDK but here to hoping.

  7. The Rickster says:

    I’m not believing anything I hear right offence to anyone. Its only July. 5 Months from the start of meteorological Winter. Although, for most places, “winter” (cold, snow, ect.) arrives before the start of winter its self.
    I’ll sit back and wait until fall before I start paying attention to Winter 13′-14′ forecasts.   

  8. Carol Curnow says:

    I live in the San Bernadino Mountains in California and every year it’s something new.  The year our oak trees had thousands of acorns fall we had a hard winter.  This year we are having very tiny acorn caps falling from our oak trees by the hundreds.  This means there will be fewer acorns if any that develop.  So, I wonder if that means a dry winter???

  9. tornadoes2 says:

    november its starts off warm in the great lakes stormy pattern will prevail that week.

  10. torie says:

    I hope you’re right about new England!! Id love to be able to ride my sled for more than a handful of rides this year! Our winters have been pretty poor compared to usual since February of 2007! That year we got 10′ from Valentine’s day until the end of the season!! It was a great year of riding! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. sapporo1 says:

    Colorado Rockies and Upper Midwest will likely be stormy and cold this year, I am just about sure of it.

  12. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I am concernd about the mid atlantic region for this winter. I an still crossing my fingers and hoping we will have better luck with snow this upcoming winter

  13. nerak says:

    I dont think anyone will be able to predict this winter forecast because already the badlands and black hills got snow and its supposed to show normal snowfall LOL but they already got 3 feet.
    Where I am at the weather map is good for snow but I looked at the forecast and it seems opposite on the great lakes region.
    So I will say probably expect a winter that is like the map shows minus the black hills and badlands area.
    Like the 2008 2009 season due to the neutral enso conditons but we will see it might be more like 2009 2010
    for the up coming winter. I did see a wolly bear worm first one ive seen before ever and it was all orange.

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