My Prediction Forecast for Facebook

Posted By: Janchris  Posted On: Jun 26th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Hi guys is JC I am back I have lots my password please join my group if you have a Facebook

Here is my Winter Prediction so far for PNW Cold but avg Precip.

  1. Janchris says:

    Oh Boy my group is picking up some people think that this maybe going to be a very snowy winter here in the PNW more then that of 2011-2012 when we had that Ice and Snowstorm Idk but I am looking forward for it already next week we are going into the 90s first 90s and heatwave of the year here hope it’s not has dry has last some 83 dry days that was a record 

  2. Janchris says:

    Can you be sure if you join my Group that you state your from Farmers Almanc Weather Fourm that way I can keep tabs with everyone!!! :)

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