Colder Than Normal Summer

Posted By: WeatherMan2  Posted On: Jul 5th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Has anyone notice how much cooler it is til last summer. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but around this time last year we had at least one 100 degree day by now. Usually in my experience this has in one of the two things and those are an Indian Summer or Much colder temps in months such as September and October. In my opinion and observation of the weather patterns I believe that the winters are going to get more severe in the east and farther south for that matter. If we continue the trends of previous winters this one should be worse than the last. Please posts any thoughts on the subject and get this ball rolling a little early this year.

  1. WeatherMan2 says:

    Here in Kentucky it has been much cooler than summers past

  2. smackdown says:

    Same here in IL. One of the coolest starts to July I have ever seen, very odd. I will take it though. Does anyone have the facts as to when we had a summer like this in the past, what the winter was like? Could be a a sign on what to expect this year.

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    What does a cool summer have to do with a cold winter? What correlation is there?
    The first few days of July have been cooler than normal, but June was hot and next week is slated to go above-normal again. Definitely a roaster here.

  4. WeatherMan2 says:

    In some cases the summer being colder can result in an early tempurature drop which could throw us into an early and longer winter. But it can also cause us to go into an indian summer but the difference this year is that the temps this year are more consistant with that of 78 which was one of the worst winters this area has ever seen. I think we can get pretty good indication of what our winter is going to be like by observing what is happening now compared to prior years. I am not sure what the correlation is for this area but looking at other signs this maybe a very good winter for snow lovers out there.

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