new england fall color change

Posted By: donabarber  Posted On: Jul 8th, 2013  Filed Under: General

Thinking of a trip to new England in fall 2013.  What is best time (October?) to view the color changes?

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    Hi donabarber… I am (obviously) from New England.  It will differ a little bit depending on which part of NE you plan to visit.
    Check out the FA link for “peak fall foliage dates” which will give you a good idea for different areas too.
    From earliest to latest:
    -The mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire and also northern Maine: late September through early October
    -Inland (central) Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, also the hills of Mass and Connecticut: early to mid October
    -Coastal Maine/NH and inland Connecticut, Massachusetts: mid-October
    -Coastal Connecticut, Rhode Island and Coastal Mass: mid to late October.
    Hope this helps!

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