2014 Farmers Almanac

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Jul 11th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

So i pre ordered the new 2014 Farmers Almanac. I heard it’s coming out late july early August.. I can’t wait to get it and read the book from front to end. And see the 2013-2014 weather map! And the 2014 Summer outlook map.. I know this is really early but does anyone wanna chime in on what they think will happen this up coming 2013-2014 winter for the United States from coast to coast?? I hope we all have a cold and snowy winter!! By the way i’m back! In the Spring/Summer’s im not really around till about the Fall/Winter.. But i made a early apperance this year so i can get my pre order in for the new Farmers Almanac..


  1. Janchris says:

    Hi Dan is J.C is nice to see you again yeah I’m kinda thinking this winter is going to be bad here in PNW since it’s a Neutral Winter and all Neutral Winters except last year was bad and I mean all recorded I also saw La Nina is in a close percentage with this Neutral year so we’ll see what goes.

  2. Janchris says:

    Dan also if you got a Facebook you should join my group everyone here should if you have an FB

  3. spellbound says:

    I hope it’s early long, cold and snowy, all my trucks will be paid off and this year I will be able to relax and make money in the snow.    Randy did show me today that a fall plant is already up and getting ready to bloom in a few weeks, got him puzzled, rget the name but it’s in the mum family.  I would love to see snow early November , for Thanksgiving and  threw to March !!!  BUT as we all know Mother Nature has been bi-polar the past few years so God only knews what she has in store for us all.    Karen   

  4. Janchris says:

    Are you here in PNW Spellbound I thought I remember someone on here from BC

  5. Grandin says:

    Hey J C long time no speak. ill join your facebook club soon man i promise.. And shoot Karen i hope we get a wicked winter this year for sure. And awsome glad all your truck fleet will be pain in full now u guys get to make some serious cash!

  6. TheMaineMan says:

    I’m looking forward to the book as well… I like the weather stuff but also all of the other articles as well.
    I don’t dare to venture any predictions yet… nothing so far has really stood out to me. I don’t see anything “out-of-the-ordinary” happening outside yet. Pretty typical summer.

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