Concerns About 2013-2014 Winter Weather Predictions for Midwest/Great Lakes (Chicago Area)

Posted By: Rodney1974  Posted On: Jul 11th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Hello Everyone:

I am not an Accuweather subscriber by any means, and I know the predictions for the 2013-2014 winter are too early to tell, which make them subject to change; however, today I looked at the Accuweather long range video done by Paul Pastelok, and he is predicting December and January to be very warm this year  in the Midwest/Great Lakes Region, along with the cold possibly coming back by February.

In other words, we could have another “back-loaded”, or delayed winter, just like last winter of 2012-2013.  I am sorry, but I do not like what I am hearing so far, based on the Accuweather’s prediction about this upcoming weather. If this is the case, then the JAMSTEC (sp?) model for winter 2013-2014 looks to be correct, due to the Midwest/Northeast region having the warmest readings. 

On the other hand, Weatherbell’s Joe Bastardi from twitter is predicting a very cold December, according to the CFSV2 Model.  I am praying to God that Bastardi’s forecast is the correct one as opposed to Accuweather’s. Then again, there is no guarantee of how this winter will play out.

Still, I have noticed that with respect to the Weather Centre Blog, the PDO has recently turned warmer, unlike the past couple years. Additionally, the AMO is still positive, and the Eastern Pacific (Ninos 1 and 2) has been cooler , compared to the Western Pacific (Ninos 3 and 4) so far.

Therefore, my question is what do you guys think about the way this upcoming winter, due to these observations? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and convenience.

  1. WeatherMan2 says:

    I don’t think u have anything to worry about bc accuweather constantly changes their forecasts daily so i wpuldnt worry to much about their long range.

  2. sonnysnow92 says:

    This weather is getting very unpredictable,Forecast of 57 for a low in Southern Illinois and this time of the year we normally set in the low 70′s

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