Leaves changing colors and falling early Winter 2013-2014 hints and prediction

Posted By: Janchris  Posted On: Jul 12th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

I have a Rocky Mountain Maple tree in my Backyard and it’s already changing colors I have seen a few other losing there leaves also. I wrote earlier about the Black wolly warm here in Washington State also  but I am really hoping this winter is bad 2012-2013 sucked barley any snow and and real storms. 

  1. WeatherMan2 says:

    It sounds to me like you might have an early winter and black woolly worms are a good sign as well so lets just say u are off to a pretty good start for a bad winter.

  2. rickymadialessi says:

    well they say the earlyer the leaves change in your area the less snow in winter, that does not mean you wont see some good snowfalls but it means you will be below average on snowfall

  3. i love nicole says:

    Colorada was rediculously cold this last winter. Or, atleast southern Colorado.

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