Wooly Worms Sightings in Illinois? Please Let Me Know If Anybody Has Spotted Them. I Would Appreciate It.

Posted By: Rodney1974  Posted On: Jul 15th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Hello Everyone:

I was just wondering if anybody in Illinois spotted  and types of wooly worms lately. Please  let me know when you do as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and convenience.

  1. WeatherMan2 says:

    Well in all honesty it is a little early for them to be showing but I would start checking around the end of august to about the beginning of september. Although if the temperature keeps dropping like they are you might be able to spot one early but in most cases it is rare to see them this early in the season.

  2. Lmetcalf says:

    I live in Virginia.  I have never seen a white wooly worm until this year.  I started seeing them in my garden last week of July!  Not sure what this means, but I am hoping for some snow this winter!  I have seen the striped wooly worms before, but never in July.  It will be interesting to see what happens this winter, we have had crazy weather this summer here, much cooler than usual! 

  3. Daisey042 says:

    I live in Tennessee and I saw a tan colored one on my front porch at the end of July. Very odd to see one so early, but the color doesn’t look promising for much of a winter around here.

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