My hint’s and actual predictions

Posted By: Janchris  Posted On: Jul 24th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

I’ll be making a few winter hints now on for the U.S. and full prediction only Aug 15th, Sep 15th, Oct 15th, Nov 15th, Final in case of a change Nov 25th.
And right now I see a Cool down pattern in the PNW with Avg Precip, Northeast Cold and Wet, Southeast a couple of times of Sleet and Snow first then getting Milder and Drier, Mid-West will be Chilly and Wet, Southwest Warm and Dry. the full predictions on the dates will be with maps and more in details I am also looking a a cooler SST and instead of that Warm Neutral/Weak El Nino now I get a Neutral/Cool Neutral. SST in West Coast has Cool temps and East Coast Warm.

This will be the last time I post this group

  1. Janchris says:

    By the way the ones dated are coming with maps

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