Happy August Everyone!

Posted By: snowangel78  Posted On: Aug 1st, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

One month closer to SNOW and COLD. Hopefully a blizzard or two this coming winter.

  1. buddy17474 says:

    Im definitely not expecting a blizzard but at least a decent snowstorm! (Which means 3″+ inches)

  2. snowangel78 says:

    3 inches is really nothing here in Western NY.

  3. snowlover says:

    Happy August! Don’t forget to count the foggy mornings this month! Remember to put the city or state where you live because some states are more prone to having fog than others (Maine).

  4. JennyMarie says:

    So far 3 light foggy mornings here in Greenville, Sc

  5. spellbound says:

    5 so far southwestern  Pa  -Laurel mountains

  6. TheMaineMan says:

    Last couple of days were rainy so it was very foggy, but otherwise very dry for this time of year and not much fog. Cool temps at night.

  7. snow angels says:

    We have had about 5 foggy mornings here (southwest lower Michigan) too so far

  8. snowlover says:

    5 foggy August mornings here also.  If you miss a day this month and you want to see what the temp or conditions were; go to NOAA look for “Weather History”  be sure to put in your city & state.  Sometimes on weekends I tend to sleep a bit later than during the work week; thus the fog might have disapated.   It’s good to know that I can use this tool, in cased I missed something. 

  9. stuffradio says:

    I’m expecting no snow, or maybe some slush and ice in SW BC, Canada. The last great event was in 2008.

  10. buddy17474 says:

    Defeintely a happy August! Even under full sunshine the high today was only 80 and expecting a cool low of 57 tonight. Everyone is going to be bundled up like its the new ice age lmao.

  11. ShawnM says:

    It was supposed to be in the upper 70′s today but it only got up to around 75 degrees. This morning’s low temperature was 56 degrees. The low’s tonight might go down into the lower 50′s which means it could turn out to be cooler than that, that happens sometimes. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be in the mid 70′s. They think days from now that it’s going to go up to the low to upper 80′s depending on the days. But that is still a little bit into the future and the forecast can totally change the next day or two. It does that quite a bit!
    Sometimes they can change the weather forecast several times a day and sometimes at night, but it’s usually just the day’s forecast/night’s forecast that can change drastically.  

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