Winter Folklore

Posted By: ShawnM  Posted On: Aug 19th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Has anybody from Missouri and other states seen other types of folklore like symbols in persimmons you know, knifes, spoons or forks?

  1. sassyblonde says:

    Shawn – I live in Ofallon, MO.  My holly bushes are LOADED with berries.  Last year we had a decent winter and I remember being awestruck that my shrubs had more berries than I ever saw before.  This year the amount on them blows away last year.  Also, this past weekend I went up to Kirksville – there was a fair amount of road kill on the trip up and the poor critters seemed to have thick coats.  I’ll keep you posted as I see things.   

  2. ShawnM says:

    Sounds great! Thanks Sassyblonde! Sounds like we may have an even harsher winter for 2013/2014. Do your holly bushes have more berries this year than last year? Last winter Fulton, MO had thundersnow during Winter storm Q, Rocky and Virgil! Q and Virgil had the most thundersnow. I think we had quarter or larger sized flakes at times during the thundersnow. Did you all get any weather like that?

  3. sassyblonde says:

    I too am hoping we get some good snow again this year!  I have not seen many cob webs like last year – still early though.  Was outside gardening today  – still no woolly worms either.  Yes, the bushes have a lot more berries than last year and it seems like daily more pop up.  We have had fogs in low lying areas every morning this August except for 4 days.  (they burn off early though)  We had 4 good storms last year – largest storm dumped 14″ of snow. (It was the one when Columbia got 20″)     

  4. ShawnM says:

    Did you all get any thundersnow bands during the storm that gave you 14″ of snow? Sounds to me like Columbia had continuous thundersnow moving over their area throughout the storm. My mom says we may have had between 12 to 15″ of snow! If that is the case we may have had over 30″ of snow especially if we had 9 inches during Rocky and Virgil. I am just guessing the amounts because I was not the one taking the ruler outside measuring the snow. My mom did the measuring. 
    Someone on Youtube who predicts what may happen during the winter said to me that it may snow alot more this winter than it did last winter. My parents won’t like that just like they didn’t like it last winter and the winters before that, but I like it because I love the winter season. We had a blizzard February 1 to maybe February 2, 2011 and we had about 20″ of snow and that was without thundersnow. I like blizzards! So I am hoping for atleast one of those. A blizzard with thundersnow would be even better! :)
    With the folklore that I am hearing about it sounds like the strong or severe winter may happen! Sounds like you are going to have a huge berry harvest this year! :) Give the other folklore some time, maybe it just hasn’t materialized yet.

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