Wolly’s have arrived

Posted By: smackdown  Posted On: Aug 19th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Yep you heard me right. saw two of them today one was black the other was brown. Seems a lil earlier than usual but I think winter will arrive sooner than we think! Let the fun begin! I enjoy all the chatter on here during this time of the year. God bless

  1. hollyr87 says:

    I saw one too a few days ago.  little black in front and back alot of brown in middle.

  2. Jessica D. says:

    I’ve never in my life seen a white woolly worm, lol only the tan colored ones or black/browns. Wonder what I will find this year? Happy Woolly Worm Hunting everyone :-)

  3. smackdown says:

    Woolys have been more numerous lately. So far I have see a mix of blonde/white, golden brown, dark brown, brown/black, and black. I am hoping the number of white and black ones pick up in the weeks to come.

  4. Hillbillynwv says:

    Had one crawling across my porch yesterday, it was all black. It was the first one that I’ve seen this year.

  5. spellbound says:

    Last year we had all black and it was a ok winter but not bad, this year we have black, brown,black so we will see. I hope for a bad winter nwith lots of snow, but it’s all up to that fickle Mother Nature and what she wants.

  6. KatD-Mo. says:

    I saw my first wooly of the year. It was all white. Its the first one I’ve ever seen that was all white. It kind of makes me excited to see how winter pans out!

    p.s. I’m in central Missouri

  7. ShawnM says:

    That’s cool KatD-Mo I wonder what a white wooly means? My mom said she saw some brown wooly worms and she told me that dad said he saw a black one! So it is hard to say what kind of winter it will be when you have an assortment of different colored wooly worms! I personally believe it will be a harsh/severe winter! I’m hoping for more thundersnow events, maybe also associated with a blizzard or two!   
    Every since February 2011 when we had that blizzard i’ve wanted to see another one!
    From Callaway County, MO

  8. KatD-Mo. says:

    ShawnM, we must be neighbors.
    As far as what does a white one mean… I’ll say an all white winter. I’ll doubt we’ll get that, but its a fun thought. We’re not so much into the cold, but more the snow. There’s a few snow plow trucks sitting out back that we like to use in the winter. So the more snow, the merrier we are.

  9. ShawnM says:

    I feel the same way about the snow! I am the only winter enthusiast in this house! :) Whenever it’s getting close to winter they can’t wait til spring arrives. And while I like spring I love winter!
    I say never say never when it comes to severe winter conditions because the only way to find out if severe winter weather will happen is to wait and see. Predicting is fun but the best way to truly find out is to see it coming together via weather channel weather.com and other weather sources. :)
    I didn’t know we were going to have a blizzard February 1/2 2011 until I saw blizzard warning scrolling to the left on the monitor on my NOAA weather radio as the weather siren went off. I was like awesome! We got somewhere between 18-20 inches of snow in that storm.

  10. hotairballooning05 says:

    I just a white woolly worm today. I live in east Tennessee and what I’ve heard , about seeing woolly worms, bad winter.  I really hope not.

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