Cabbage Salad

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Sunny South, Nov. 9, 1878 -- page 7
Cabbage Salad - Shave a hard white cabbage into small strips; take the yolks of three well beaten eggs, a cup and a half of good cider vinegar, the teaspoonful of mustard, mixed in a little boiling water, salt and pepper to suit the taste. Mix all but the eggs together, and let it boil, then stir in the eggs rapidly, turn the cabbage inot the mixture, and stir well.


  1. phiferindia says:

    Sounds different and yummy. I usually add cabbage in veg-salad. But this is different try. Thanks for the share. We see cabbage in four colors and types. White cabbage, red cabbage, savoy and spring green/ Usually cabbage is good for health Vitamin U content and used as Anti agent. Great especially taking by raw. Which cure stomach related issues like wounds, peptic ulcers etc., heal even cancer too. 

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