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Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Aug 27th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

I’m surprised no one else has started this yet… the official FA map is posted under the Weather section of their website, go check it out.


A sign of hope for Northern New England… bitterly cold and snow filled. This kind of goes against the natural signs I have observed so far… we’ll see who ends up right! Lakes and North Central fair well too. Looks like the south is the south, but pretty much the whole northern tier, according to the FA, fares well.


Thoughts? Opinions?

  1. snowlover says:

    Does this include Virginia?  Accuweather says that we’ll have a late fall. :(

  2. buddy17474 says:

    Pretty much the same they forecasted last winter for the Southeast. All they did was take “Wet and Chilly” and flip it over to “Chilly and Wet.”

  3. sapporo1 says:

    Fall is already showing it’s colors in Steambost Springs, CO…literally.
    Winter will likely come early this year, and I agree with the almanac on the piercing cold, as the signs are there, not to mention that one of my fellow locals , the other day mentioned that the vegetation grew unusually tall this year, despite a fairly dry first half of summer, and that is one of the tell-tale signs of deep snowfall, meaning we may see above normal snow this year…exciting stuff.

  4. smackdown says:

    Im excited about being in the Midwest for a change. I hope im not disappointed, but we are waaaaaaaaay over due for a visit from old man winter. It appears we are in the right spot this time around.

  5. The Rickster says:

    I was riding my bike with a buddy when we dropped by a a residence that belonged to some family of his. There was a tree that was already changing colors, and even had some leaves dropped. Seen some squirrels the other day with BIG OLE’ BUSHY TAILS.  Much more bushy and full than last year. Spiders are still insane. Ants are building mounds everywhere. Right now, I am agreeing with FA’s prediction. This year looks more promising than last. 

  6. dynahstee says:

    Just when I was thinking about moving to the east coast because they get all the winter storms, not anymore….:) I’m super excited that the MIDWEST/GREAT LAKES AREA is going to finally have an old school winter!!!!!!:):)  I’m super duper excited and I hope I’m not disappointed!:)  Imagine all this coldddddd weather and snow that they’re predicting for us to have, getting tingles just thinking about it!!!!

  7. The Rickster says:

    Hopefully everyone gets something.

  8. snowlover says:

    Yeah, just don’t make a mistake and look at Accuweather’s forcast for the mid atlantic.  They said that we’re gonna have a late start on fall/winter.  :(  Although it’s been in the upper 80s here; it still looks like fall is right around the corner!

  9. The Rickster says:

    Its 98.8 degrees outside as I type this. Its stupid hot outside. My car has no AC, because it’s compressor went out…so yeah. Today is one of those “inside” days. Haven’t seen Accu’s forecast. There are a few forecasts floating around on Youtube though. Haven’t watched any. 

  10. amy n says:

    We are right on the edge of the “bitterly cold” and the “cold, wet, and white” prediction areas. The website does not allow you to zoom in on the map, so I am not sure exactly where we fall, but I am of course hoping for the bitterly cold and snow-filled zone! 
    Here, the leaves are already changing color- so much so that I wish it were at least 20 degrees colder so that it would feel as fall-like as it looks. I am ready for fires in the fireplace! So while it looks like autumn, it still doesn’t feel like autumn.
    I hope that things turn around fast and that the rapid change of leaf color in AUGUST is a good indication of things to come.  That being said, I am also hoping that the leaves don’t change TOO fast as I love a nice, cool, crispy fall just as much as I love a cold and snowy winter :)
    Here’s to hoping!

  11. TheMaineMan says:

    Rickster, my last car didn’t have a working A/C and it sucked in the summer. Of course, my first car did not have a working A/C or heater, so I just had to bundle up when it was cold out. Tough to defrost your windows when it is -10 F and no heater… had to have some de-icer with me at all times in the winter. Finally driving a car with both working, let’s see how long it lasts LOL.
    Amy, if you are right at the borderline between two zones, I would expect a forecast somewhere in the middle. I mean, it isn’t like nature is going to draw a strict line in the dirt and which side you put your foot on makes a big difference, you know what I mean? I would expect to be very cold with a good amount of precipitation, to combine the two lines.
    snowlover, just because winter gets a late start, doesn’t mean that it won’t be very cold and snowy once it does get rolling. Last year we got  a very late start, but once it got rolling we were slammed. Went from “this winter will suck” to almost 100 inches.

  12. amy n says:

    MaineMan, you are right. I didn’t think of it that way, but it makes perfect sense. Thank you for making my day! Here’s to a beautiful winter!
    i guess I should order some firewood!!!!

  13. pearlss says:

    They are calling for chilly & wet for the SE. Snow north & west of me in NC. But watching mother nature is telling a different story. I have never seen this many foggy mornings, the persimmon tree outside my office has some of the biggest fruit I’ve ever seen any other it’s just September 1st, loads of other fruit too. The spider webs are prolific and thick, the woolly worms have been dark brown or black – no orange, and the rabbits and squirrels have been working overtime. We’ll see who wins this battle; mother nature or FA. :)

  14. TheMaineMan says:

    Aren’t those signs that you just mentioned, signs of being chilly and wet? Sounds like nature and the FA agree for your area unless I am misunderstanding.

  15. pearlss says:

    I want snow baby. Let”s hope those foggy mornings amount to something. :)

  16. hollyr87 says:

    I cant find much info on central pa. saw winter forecast but i hear so many different things.  most of apple trees are loaded, except mine, havent seen any acorns. was told leave are changing cause its dry.  I really want a decent winter with lots of snow. there were quite a few foggy mornings in aug. also

  17. hollyr87 says:

    have also seen alot of high spider webs.

  18. ShawnM says:

    There are some high spider webs here to! One going from under the roof to the railing of the front porch and a dragline going from the bottom powerline to the top powerline and a spider web going from the transformer to the top powerline.

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